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  • 3 Common Practices That Would Endanger Your Drains

    Plumberbondi Drain

    All of us might have already experienced drain problems because of the different particles drain into the kitchen sink, bathroom drains, and shower drains. And when this happens, most homeowners take various immediate restoration acts depending on the degree of the damage. For serious clogging cases such as the outlandish, lurid and garish immense clogs, the aid of a professional would be significant for clearing the drains. But for minor issues, most homeowners rather solve the problem by themselves rather than spending a penny for the plumber’s service rate and wasting time waiting for his arrival. They can effectively restore them though with the help of some handy tools and drain cleaners.
    However, there has been a fecund misconceptions and fallacies that environs the various ways of DIY drain cleaning processes. Take a look at the following and avoid doing them in case of blockage and obstruction as they are harmful and destructive to your drainage system.

    1. The usage of inapt tools

    Most homeowners have the misguided innovative initiative causing them to make use of objects they thought to be helpful but are indeed inappropriate for the situation. Some examples of this occurrence are as follows:

    • Some homeowners, inspired by the effective performance of hydro jetters, tend to use garden hose as an alternative in removing blockages and obstructions. However, this is just a vain attempt in solving the problem. Aside from potentially wasting the water, it would only cause the water released by the garden hose to backup and pool around the drain. This is because, even if you turn the tap handle all the way to its full capacity, the pressure released by the garden hose could not equalize the pressure released by a jetter making them impotent in doing the job of a water jetter.
    • Others, especially those who do not have drain snakes at home, tend to use coat hangers and broom handles as an alternative. They are as well incompetent in solving the trouble and are harmful and destructive to your pipes instead. These materials are not flexible making them incapable to follow the path of the water in case of bends and change in direction. When they reach this area, you might expect it to be the obstruction causing you to exert extra effort. This would break and pulverize the pipes causing them to disintegrate.

    2. The ill-advised assurance on using professional cleaning tools

    Upon observing how professional plumbers efficiently use complex drain cleaning tools, homeowners are enthused to purchase one thinking them to be better than the basics. Indeed, they are, but when they are improperly used and mishandled due to the operator’s lack of knowledge and experience in handling the tool, it could destroy your pipe linings, joints and walls. Settle down with the basic and easy-to-handle drain cleaning tools to ensure the safety of your plumbing system, your health and your family’s.

    3. Chemical-based drain cleaner utilisation

    Liquid chemical drain cleaners and gels are commonly utilized as they convenient and easy to acquire. They are also effective in some situations but they do come with a surfeit of disadvantages causing various drain troubles to ensue. Aside from the health and environmental hazards they bring, they can also cause your pipes to corrode and deteriorate leading to costly and budget-busting repair procedures.