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  • 3 Reasons to Opt for Garbage Disposal

    plumber bondi - garbage disposal

    Garage disposal is a type of kitchen appliance that helps in reducing household chores. This will shred all leftovers and food waste saving homeowners time from trying to putting it in a plastic bag.  With this reason, it might be the time for you to invest one as it can make cleaning faster and easier. People will no longer have to worry about the smell of leftovers in the plastic bags and the insects it invite. In addition to this, here are some other reasons to opt for garbage disposal:

    Saves money and prevents plumbing problem

    It is known that using a garbage disposal can help homeowners save electricity as well as water consumption. Thus it leads to a decrease in the monthly bill. Likewise, investing in a unit can avert plumbing problems. This is convenient for homeowners since they won’t have to spend some time and money for replacements and repairs. For instance, food waste that wasn’t cut into small pieces and pours down the drain can obstruct the flow of wastewater. Because of this, all the waste will only gather up inside and block the drain system. However, this predicament won’t happen when one invests on a garbage disposal as its job is to shred all large pieces before it reaches to the drain and pipe system.

    Creates a cleaner and hygienic household

    Homeowners will be forced to dispose all the waste in a garbage bag if they do not have a garbage disposal. Since rubbish will only be placed in a corner, all the waste will decay and bacteria starts to emerge. In addition to that, cockroaches, insects and rats begin to gather in the trash bag  if it is not properly stashed. On the other hand, the disadvantage of not having a garbage disposal is the disturbing smell coming from the decaying waste. It is important to own a garbage disposal in our household as it will help us dispose wastes properly. This method of disposing waste is a lot easier compared to the traditional way of throwing waste.

    Help to make a greener environment

    Aside from its main usage, using the unit could also help the environment against global conditions. To explain further, here are some things it contributes:

    • Having a garbage disposal indicates that homeowners would not have to use garbage bags to junk all the kitchen waste. As a result, the usage of plastic bags will decrease.

    • Typically, waste management truck will transport all the waste to a landfill. During the transportation, these wastes will release greenhouse gases. As the usage of the unit reduces the amount of waste in every household, it decreases the greenhouse gases discharged.

    • Apart from the food particles, waste water also flows through the unit. The waste water will pass through the drains and pipes until it reaches the treatment plant. The plant is where the water will be treated before it returns to the river. On the other hand, treated waste water can be utilised as a fertiliser or an energy source.

    • When the amount of food waste disposed in the landfill drops, it also cuts back the production of methane. Consequently, this helps create a greener environment as this odourless gas is known to be a harmful.