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  • 3 Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain

    Like cancer, a plumbing problem such as a blocked drain may grow worst if not diagnosed in its early stages. A fault in the pipeline may stretch wider and the rust that gets clogged inside may accumulate and eat up a portion of the pipe.

    Being in a busy environment like a corporate business centre, or even a simple suburban workplace, both employers and employees cannot easily distinguish earlier signs of a leak in the buildings pipework.

    You can never feel the quake inside unless it comes outside, and by then, the fault has grown bigger than you would have thought.

    There are signs to remember, though that would help one decide on whether to call for a paid assistance from a plumbing professional or not. These would save you money, time and worry.

    1. Unidentified smell, stench or odour

    Have you smelt something strange from the water that flows out your tap? Have you smelt something awful from the toilet every time you flush?

    There is nothing better than familiarising even the way the holes within your restroom smell. The smell is often more noticeable than the change of physical appearance, according to some psychologists.

    Is the smell of rusty iron or metal clinging to your nose every now and then? Is the smell of human faeces invading the atmosphere even in times when the toilet is not in used? Your pipe may be experiencing a blocked drain. It may need a minor relining. How will you know early? Smell.

    1. Strange sounds and noises

    This type of detection still uses sensory perception, but not the nose. Have you heard something you haven’t heard before? Does it sound more like a ghost’s whisper or pieces of metal chains clashing against each other?

    If there’s a change to the sound the toilet makes as it drains the human waste, there is more chance something is brewing underneath. Call a plumber.

    1. Draining water takes more time

    This is not so noticeable in the early stages of a drainage problem. The first two signs usually take place first. But if the problem remains unfixed for a long period of time since the smell and sound became strange, the draining of water may soon be affected. What would happen next? Something worse if the problem remains unattended.

    When the water swirls upward for a long time before it gets flushed down the toilet drain, it means the fluid is having a hard time getting into something that is blocking its way down. Most likely, there is a blocked drain.

    If the sink at the washing area brings back the drained water like a tsunami miniature, the problem may have been brewing for a long time underneath.

    Whichever of these signs get to your nerves first, always have a contact number of a plumbing professional ready at all times. When in doubt, take a call. You will never go the wrong way through the help of professional experts.

    A problem like this should never be ignored in its early stages. It may not only eat up the pipes with rust, but also the entire building property in the long run.