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  • 4 Home Remedies for a Blocked Toilet

    Plumber Bondi 4 Home Remedies

    What do you do when your toilet is blocked and you are expecting a couple of visitors in less than two hours?

    Two hours is barely enough time to run to the store for heavy chemical based cleaners for the toilet, come back home and clean the toilet. Lucky for busy people like you, there are chemicals you most likely have lying around the house you can use to solve your problem. Here are simply home remedies you can use to unblock your toilet.

    1. Baking Soda + Vinegar

    If you bake and love cooking, then these two materials will most likely be found in your kitchen cabinets.

    Let’s recreate the volcano effect you did back in seventh grade. Scope out some of the water out of the bowl as to make sure that the baking soda does not get too soaked. Pour in at least half of the box of soda in the bowl followed by the vinegar. Go slow when pouring the vinegar to the baking soda so you don’t splash yourself because it’s going to sizzle a lot.

    2. Dish Soap + Hot Water

    These materials are the easiest to gather. Find a good liquid soap and heat up a few bowls of water. Make sure that when you pour the water down the toilet, it is not boiling because you could crack your bowl and by then, there is no fixing it.

    Add the soap into the bowl to smoothen out the build-up. This will help the materials in your toilet to soften and slip through the Siphon. Pour the hot water next. Make sure that when you pour, you position the water container at around your waist so that its force would help push the block down.

    3. Bleach + Powdered Soap

    In this next method, you will make use of your washing materials such as the bleach and powdered soap you use to wash your clothes.

    Pour 3-4 cups of bleach down the bowl. Follow this with at least a cup of your regular powdered detergent soap. Wait for 10 minutes for the chemicals to react to each other and flush the toilet.

    4. Bent Wire

    If all the other options mentioned above does nothing to solve your problem, here is a go-to method you can use to get the blockage out.

    Fashion a clothes wire by cutting it at one side and bending it at one end. Choose a clothes wire that is thin enough to be manipulated to fish out the blockage and is also thick enough that it doesn’t bend easily. You can either push the blockage further into the Siphon or you can pull it out. I suggest you pull it out as it will make your work quicker and easier.