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  • 4 Obvious Signs of Drain Pipe Blockage

    blocked-pipePipelines are considered the veins of any plumbing system. These fixtures are responsible in getting the water into the building and the waste out. To make sure that you have a perfectly functioning plumbing system, you have to make sure that these lines stay open and on top of their game. Most homeowners neglect maintenance and check-up on these pipes which are the main reason why they continue to be riddled with damage and give headaches to the users. For a fact, those issues that bother and frustrate you the most about your plumbing such as low pressure, slow drains and blocked pipes are perfectly avoidable given that you know how to maintain the area and, of course, you know the reasons behind the issue. In this article are 4 of the most common and notorious reasons for pipe blockage:

    1. Fat and Grease

    Grease and fat, along with oil, are some of the most notorious causes of pipe blockage because they encourage pipe blockage build-up and even support and enhance miniscule accumulation and turn them into bigger bodies enough to block the pathway of the wastes and water supply. Too much accumulation of these substances renders the pipes unable to function. To prevent this occurrence from ever happening to your plumbing system, make sure that the mentioned substances never get passed the drain. This task can be quite hard and will need a lot of enforcement but when you have succeeded, the performance of your pipe will greatly improve. Make sure to segregate these items, throw them into different garbage bags and dispose properly.

    2. Pipeline Sagging

    Severe weakening of the pipes causes them to give way and sag. One of the causes of pipe sagging is old age but factors that cause them to do just that are numerous and, to make things worse, they are crawling all over your area. Even cast iron pipes are not resistant to sagging and loosing form. The sagging parts are capable of withholding accumulation. They can create build-ups that turn out to be the reason for blockage. Unlike grease and fat accumulated blockage, blockage caused by accumulation in sagging areas are much harder to fix but easier to detect because of the irregular formation if the pipeline.

    3. Root Intrusion

    Root intrusion is another factor you should really watch out for when it comes to pipe welfare. This is a common occurrence when you have haphazardly chosen vegetative bodies all over your property. As useful as plants are, there are certain factors that make them extremely dangerous to the plumbing system. When plants, especially trees are cornered and are not given enough nutrition, they can gobble up your pipelines like candy bars, destroy the exterior and continue growth inside them creating a massive blockage.

    4. Foreign Objects Getting Stuck

    There will be times in your household, especially when you have children, when foreign objects get stuck in weird and funny places. Last week it was Batman in the washing machine, today its  Spiderman taking a dip in the toilet and then the next, its Ironman chilling in the fridge. These materials are so solid that it’s a wonder how they make it so far into places they shouldn’t be able to fit. Well, children always find ways, don’t they?