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  • 5 Drain Cleaners for Blocked Drains

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    Most homeowners tend to cure drain problems on their own. This is to save them from spending much of their hard earned money for the repair. There are some problems that can be repaired y yourself. You won’t need to hire a professional plumber to do the job. To help you with the do-it-yourself repair, here are 5 drain cleaners that you can use to eliminate blockages in drains.

    1. Homemade Drain Cleaners

    Homemade drain cleaners are made by utilising the materials available in your house. In this drain cleaner, you need to prepare 1 cup of salt, ¼ cup cream of tartar (potassium bi-tartrate) and 1cup baking soda. Combine the three ingredients. Pour ¼ cup of the mixture down the drain. Flush two cups of boiling water. It also enables the mixture to get rid of grime and grease accumulation within your pipes. Leave it for at least one minute and thirty seconds. Repeat the procedure if possible.

    1. The Plunger

    This is the most common plumbing tool that is necessary for maintaining your drains. Pressure is used to remove the gunk. There are two common types of plunger available in the market with a different purpose. One is the flat plunger which is used for sink drains. The other is known as a cup bottomed which is specially designed for toilets. Make sure you purchase the plunger that is appropriate for your drains.

    1. The Drain Snake

    The drain snake or also known as the auger is a plumbing tool that can eliminate debris and grime in your blocked drain. You can manually clean the drain and remove the blockage by inserting and twisting it into the part that is affected. Make sure to read and follow the product instructions carefully. This tool is made up of a steel cable that will not go the wrong way once it is used. It can also break and cut any blockage in the area. But, you need to be careful when using this tool. It can tear your plumbing apart from inside and out once you exert too much pressure when using the device. The expense for the repair will be costly once it is broken.

    1. Pipe Removal

    Build-ups in the pipes of your plumbing system can lead to blockages. A backed up garbage disposal is a sign that the pipe must be eliminated and flushed out as soon as possible. It will be easy for you to remove the pipes under your sink since you will just unscrew the rings. Twist the main curved one apart and pull it off. Don’t forget to a place a bucket under your pipes as it will be necessary to catch the blockages. Lastly, screw the pipe back and the drain can function properly.

    1. Water Jetting

    There are some cases where the main reasons for backups are not the plumbing drain lines. But, the sewer lines are the ones that cause the drain to not flow properly. With this, it would be necessary to have your sewer lines jetted out. You might need to rent a hydro jetter that is high-powered from the local equipment rental store. Nevertheless, it is best to seek help from a professional plumber as they know well how to handle the equipment. A professional plumber can apply the appropriate pressure just have your drains flowing. They can also give you some pieces of advice.