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  • 6 Effective Natural Drain Cleaners to Avoid Obstruction

    plumberbondi natural drain cleaners

    Is your drain draining slowly again? It might be because your drains diameter has been reduced due to an undergoing build-ups within. And to avoid them from being completely obstructed, an ounce of prevention is required from the old chestnut. The primary way to prevent this nightmare is to mind what goes down your drain in the first place. Some of the particles we use in our daily lives are just not meant to make their way into our sewer system especially when we have our own septic system. However, upon doing a sewer camera inspection and build-ups have already been formed, then all you can do is perform some natural drain cleaning processes to remove them. Compared to chemical drain cleaners, these are totally safe for your pipes and sewer system. Here are some of them:

    1. Drain Snake

    Snaking, or using a long wire hook as a substitute, is one of the natural drain cleaners. It can remove the build-ups it can pass. However, using a drain snake is not that effective because it cannot assure you that it can clean the entire pipe. It may be helpful; but, it also has its own limitations. It cannot clean the entire pipe as its length has its limits and can only clean what it can reach.

    1. Boiling Water

    Most of the blockage and buildups within your sewer pipes are caused by various types of grease and fat that are cooled within the pipe. To remove this, draining boiling water occasionally can soften the cooled fat and grease build-ups, detach them from the pipe and drain them down the system.

    1. Liquid dish detergent and Hot Water

    This combination can help clean your sewer pipes because both have their own role when drained down the pipe. The boiling water can melt the grease and fat build-ups whilst the detergent completely dissolves the fat so they can no longer stick to the pipe walls when they are drained down the line.

    1. Salt and Hot Water

    Just like the natural drain cleaner mentioned above, salt and hot water can remove grease and fat build-ups as well. Hot water can remove the grease and fat that were stuck, whilst the salt, because of its abrasive texture, can act as a scouring agent. The salt can force more grease build-up to be removed. Gunky build-up would surely be removed so that the water can freely run through the pipes.

    1. Baking Soda with vinegar

    The baking soda and vinegar combination is the first on the DIY list of natural drain cleaners. You can use one cup of baking soda and vinegar and pour them down the drain. This is a good routine maintenance because of its intense foaming action especially when accompanied by running hot water.

    1. Biological enzyme cleaner

    Examples of biological enzyme cleaners are biokleen drain gel or earth enzymes drain opener. They contain bacteria that will eat up the organic buildups and material within your drain. They can be used even if you have your own septic tank because they do not kill good bacteria within the septic system.