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  • 6 Tips to Keep your Drain from Blockages

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    One of the most frustrating plumbing issues that you can ever encounter in your plumbing system is a blocked drainage system. This plumbing problem could be time-consuming and even costly. The foul smell that it produces can also be harmful to the health of your family. To help you avoid this plumbing issue from occurring in your plumbing system, here are some tips that you can use to keep your drains free from any blockages.


    1. Plumbing System should be inspected regularly

    One way to keep your drainage system free from any blockages is by having it inspected regularly. Have it checked every few months to avoid having minor damages or problems become worse. Through this, your drain will be free from being blocked completely as you can clear blockages as soon possible. Checking drains would be less expensive than to have it repaired.


    1. Avoid the repeated use of chemical-based cleaners

    Chemical-based solutions and cleaners are not advisable to be used as a remedy for your blocked drains. Clearing drains from blockages through the use of chemicals will require you to repeat the process once in a while as it can’t completely eliminate blockages. If you frequently use these solutions, the interior walls of your pipes might corrode and can wear out easily. Leaks might also occur within your pipes. Chemical solutions also are the reason in the bad bacteria build-ups that can eventually lead to blockages.


    1. Use a stainless strainer

    Stainless strainers are essential to be installed in your drains to filter unnecessary materials from entering your water system. These materials include soap, shampoo and hair froth for the bathroom drains and food wastes for your kitchen sink drain.


    1. Check your bathtub stoppers often

    It is indeed unavoidable to lose some strands of your hair every time you take a bath. And because of this, hair can also be the main culprit for drain blockages. Hair tangles in your pipelines and blocks the flow of water. With this, it would be advisable to check your bathtub regularly every after bath so you can easily remove soap residue and hair build-ups. These build-ups can easily be removed through the use of a bent wire hanger.


    1. be mindful of what goes down your kitchen sinks

    There are certain materials that are allowed to be washed down in your kitchen sinks. These materials can easily dissolve with water and can’t cause any blockages. Food wastes such as coffee grinds, fatty substances and large particles can block your drainage system. As a result, the flow of water in pipes will be reduced. To solve this, you have to be careful on what you wash down in your kitchen sink. In this case, you might as well throw food wastes in a trash bin if you don’t have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen sink.


    1. Run hot water into drains

    Installing stainless strainers in your kitchen sink only has the ability to block large particles from entering your drains except for the small and liquid ones. Fatty substances, hair, soap and shampoo residues are some particles which can easily pass through the strainer. To avoid build-ups in your pipe, flush down hot water in your drains every few days to dissolve build-ups.