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  • Causes and Tips for Blocked Drains

    Almost every home experience having a blocked drain or any form of blockage in the drains. As time goes by, small objects to big objects create an irregular flow or no flow at all of the liquids that is running through the drain pipes.

    It usually happens in the kitchen where wastes and residues from food, oil and fat blocks the flow of liquids going through. Other drains, like in the bathroom, get clogged because of soap, soap oil residues, shampoos and hair.

    These are the 3 top causes of getting a blocked drain.

    • Trees / Plants

    It could be the tree roots that are known to always be in search of moisture or water sources to stay alive. While on its way to conquer success in finding water, these roots can head towards your pipes and crack them. Causing not just damage but also resulting into a blockage. Falling leaves and grass in time can form a huge mass enough to block your drains.

    Frequent inspection can be daily or weekly to ensure tree roots, leaves and grass are kept in check to avoid them from ending up in your pipes.

    • Foreign Objects and Toiletries

    It happens when we are not careful enough of what we put in the drains. Usually, in the bathroom where soaps, soap oil residues, hardened shampoos, napkins, baby wipes, toys and hair are being flushed down the toilet or build up a mass that can cause a blockage in the bathroom drains. Blockage of these stuffs can be a real pain.

    To avoid these getting flushed in the toilet is just to close toilet seat and cover when not in use. Also, to be mindful of what “Not to” flush in. Like napkins, baby wipes and hair.

    • Grease and Fat

    One of the most common of all reasons but is one of the easiest to prevent. This usually occurs in the kitchen where oily or fatty substances form an integral part of most cooking done and substance remnants can be easily
    washed down the sink. The general problem is that grease and fat do not exactly exit the pipes as you might expect. They stick to the inside of the pipes and end up causing a blockage when significant build-up results. Both in the drains and the septic tanks.

    Grease traps helps filter Fats and Grease going through your pipes. It is designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system.

    Early Symptoms of blocked drains, or partially blocked drains can be the following:

        – Slow drain in toilets and fixtures
        – Bubbling in floor wastes
        – Surcharging
        – Gurgling
        – Bad Odours
        – Unusual noises in flushing the toilets and bathroom drains

    These drain blockage issues can be a real nuisance. Every person who are experiencing or have experienced it can definitely attest to that. Early signs of having a blocked drain can help you prevent it from getting worse. So detecting it is crucial and you need to react fast before it can do further damage and bigger financial problem. Seek help from the expert licensed plumbers in the area.