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  • How to Deal With Blocked Drains

    blocked drainWhether it is located in your sink or bathroom, a blocked drain can be the primary cause of your frustration. For this very reason, it is imperative that you have better understanding on how to diagnose the clogged drain, know the causes of the blockage, and clear the blockage.

    Basic Troubleshooting

    A drain that is clogged may cause you trouble at any way possible when not properly and immediately dealt with. Calling a licensed plumber would be the best option so that the clogged drain will be checked if:

    • The toilet, household, or sink drains make a gurgling sound.
    • The toilet’s water level is lower or higher than the normal.
    • The bath, toilet, shower or sink drains slowly.
    • There is an overflow coming from the drain or toilet.

    Common Causes

    You often find tree roots as the culprit whenever you encounter and deal with clogged drains in Australia. Note that roots usually go down the ground deeper than you might have expected. They tend to contact with your pipes as they go farther, thereby causing problems. The larger roots may push on your pipes and then crush them, resulting in blockage to your drain and should be replaced.

    Movements of the ground may cause heavy traffic, which is another contributor to clog drains. The pressure underground may become intense over time, causing your drains at home to back up.

    Items like cloths, nappies, paper towels or sanitary pads are sometimes mistakenly flushed down your toilets. There are also instances when even toys are found in drains because little ones these days already know how to flush the loo.

    Build-up of oil, hair, food or any other residue in the drains is also a common clogged drain cause in households. This plumbing problem can actually be preventable through a regular maintenance of your drains with appropriate household drain cleaners. It is also a smart idea to prevent larger food scraps from getting down your drain through the use of a drain trap.

    Blocked Drains and Their Fixture

    It would be very imperative to contact an expert plumber to help you out if you have stubbornly clogged or blocked drains. You can be assured of best service in your plumbing problem since quality plumbers in Australia have innovative equipment in diagnosing and clearing out your clogged drain. Most modern plumbers have been using a CCTV video in performing a pipeline survey and in confirming the exact location and the cause of the clog. A repair or replacement of your drain would be necessary if crush in your pipe is the main cause of the blockage.

    An electric eel can be used as a snake into your drains to clear anything that caused the clog. It also scrapes the oily residues stuck at the sides of your pipe. The high-pressure water jet can also be used in unclogging the drains as it can break hard items down the drain.

    Always call an insured and licensed plumber quickly should you have a clogged drain.