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  • Items That You Should Never Throw Into the Garbage Disposal Unit

    Plumber Bondi garbage disposal

    A household with a magazine-worthy kitchen or even simple ones should always have garbage disposals that work efficiently. They are life-savers since they offer convenience and lessen the amount of rubbish you have. However, they are also sensitive machine -yes, like they have feelings. They only get rid of certain food scraps. There will always be those things that you should never ever throw down the disposal. They don’t only block your drainage but also create major plumbing problems if not treated immediately. The following are a list of some of the common items that you should never ever throw in your garbage disposals:

    Greasy Food Scraps

    The most common food scraps that clogs the garbage disposal are the greasy, oily and fattyones. When you are using oil or if you are cooking fatty foods, be sure to utilize your empty milkcartons or cans by throwing the grease there instead of in the garbage disposal. They tend tobuild up on the surface which can cause a blockage in your disposal.

    Fibrous Food Scraps

    Yes, banana peels are soft and so are celeries but they are not allowed to go down the disposal.Their fibrous and stringy features will wrap around the blades of the disposal’s shredder. Thetangles in these items can cause disruption to the performance of the disposal’s motors, too.Other fibrous and stringy foods are asparagus, corn husks, carrots, potatoes, lettuce and onionskins.

    Water-Expandable Food Items

    Pasta night is awesome but only if the recipe you prepared was entirely consumed. Most of thetime, you will have no qualms about throwing the leftovers on the disposal. But hey, that’s not avery good idea. Pasta, rice, beans and even potatoes expand during contact with water. Theseitems can fill up the disposal’s trap easily, causing it to clog. The same goes with your bread. Agood way to save yourself some trouble is to use these leftover food and turn it into a wholenew recipe. Now you will have leftover nights and more food to gorge on!

    Fruit Pits

    Fruit pits are dangerous. Not only for your throat if you accidentally swallow one but also foryour disposals. Peach, avocado and olive pits are just some of the items that shouldn’t go downyour disposal. You can’t even cut through these pits, how much more your disposal?


    Your garbage disposal is not a dog, it doesn’t chew bones. So be sure to throw those in thetrashcan instead of in your disposals. They can’t be easily shredded as they can dull the bladesjust like how they did with your kitchen knives.

    Non-Edible Items

    One of the things that are accidentally tossed down on most sinks are rings. Yes, they are smallin size but it can block other food scraps when not taken out immediately. Other non-food itemsinclude tablespoons, water bottle caps, cigarette butts, and sponges. Be careful when usingthese items, although washing your hands with soap makes them slippery and cause the ringsand sponges to slip out of your fingers. However, be smart enough to differentiate a sink and anash tray for your cigarette butts. Unlike you, garbage disposals don’t smoke.