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  • Learn to Unclog a Garbage Disposal with these Easy Methods

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    Garbage disposals are great equipment for crunching off food waste. Because this device has to dispose a lot of waste all the time, it can also be clogged easily. Some disposal units have manuals on how to unclog the equipment as well as some tips on how to keep it in good condition. If your garbage disposal has a manual, be sure to read it first before proceeding in unclogging the equipment. What you will read below are some general tips on how to unclog garbage disposal units.


    Don’t be hasty in clearing out the obstructions of the equipment. The first thing you should do is shut down the disposal before attempting to remove the clogs. This will help avert any possible injury when cleaning the device.

    After you’re done turning the garbage disposal off, you will need to use a flashlight to have a better look of the clog in the drain. This is an important part of the cleaning process since it can help you decide which tool will be appropriate to remove the obstruction. For clogs that are mainly composed of food waste, a plunging tool is needed while non-food objects may require you to disassemble the P-trap to remove them.

    Remove Easy-to-Reach Food Debris

    If you notice that you can see some food wastes that are not too deep into the sink, you may use some tools to lessen the clog. Pliers or long-handled tongs can easily remove some food debris found in the drain. It’s also perfect for taking out fruit peels, meat strips, pasta, noodles, etc. Even if the motor isn’t running, you should not place your hands into the disposal unit as the blades may cut your skin. Anyway, if there are still food wastes left in the drain, you need to use a plunger.

    Plunging Food Waste

    Fill the sink with water and put the plunger on the sinkhole and commence plunging. Hopefully the plunger has enough suction power to dissipate the clogged waste. After that, check again if the disposal is now working properly. If you noticed a bit of a humming noise then this indicates that the blades can’t move because of food wastes that are stuck on the blades. Also, be sure to have running water when conducting a test so that the grime and small amounts of waste can be flushed down.

    Eliminating Grime and Dirt Build-up

    One of the most annoying clogs in the garbage disposal unit is grime build-up. Fortunately, it’s so easy to remove; pour boiling water into the drain and then a cup of baking soda. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash the drain with water or white vinegar. If there is a lingering stench left, then you can simply add lemons to the disposal unit. What you need to do is cut a lemon into two and just throw it into the garbage disposal and let the blades cut it for around two minutes. The lemon will get rid of the smell and even clear a bit of minor clogs due to its acidic properties.