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  • Quick And Easy Drain Fix

    All draining systems gets clogged or develops a clog that can give you a real hassle if you’re always on the go. There’s simply no way to avoid it because it just really happens. However, most stopped-up sinks and plugged toilets can be fixed without calling in a plumber. What you need to complete the job on your own are the right tools and a little determination on what you are about to do and finish it. This clog fix will teach you how to clear stubborn clogs in toilet, bathtub, floor drain and kitchen sink. These proven style of fixes will dislodge virtually any clog. Always remember, if the job can’t be fixed on your own after several attempts, always call the right people for the job. A drain-cleaning service or a licensed plumber. Too much effort for the problem may just lead into making it worse.

    This simple technique can help in it’s little way. Or better yet, fix the problem itself.

    How to clear a clogged drain using “Vinegar”.

    1. Clearing the water from the sink or tub. It may take a while to do if it’s slow draining. But if you remove the water, it will help your drain clearing mixture getting the job done a bit faster.

    2. Gathering the ingredients for your drain clearing mixture.

    • Vinegar – any type of vinegar will do. It is the acidic base for creating the foaming reaction.
    • Lemon Juice – also acidic but smells a lot better than Vinegar. A very good option for the whole mixture.
    • Baking Soda – a universal cleanser. Always an ingredient of any cleaning mixture.
    • Salt – a good element of eating up some of the clogged substance.
    • Borax – a known ingredient as an all around multi-cleanser.

    3. Pouring down the Vinegar and the drain-opening agents to the drain. Doesn’t have to be mixed. Each agent will have a chemical reaction to each other forming a foam on its own.

    – For a vinegar and baking soda combination: use 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of white vinegar.
    – For a lemon juice and baking soda combination: use 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of lemon juice.
    – For a salt, borax, and vinegar combination: use 1/4 cup of borax, 1/4 cup of salt, and 1/2 cup of vinegar.

    4. Cover and let the mixture sit. Either use the tub stopper to close the drain or cover it with a steaming hot cloth. Keep the drain closed for 30 minutes. During this time, the foam will be working on wearing down the clog.

    5. Plunge the drain – Use a small sink size plunger.

    6. Use a hanger or any hooked material to pull out the clog. Gently pull it out to avoid scratching the drain or tub. For scratching can expose the metal and will cause a future fixture problem.

    7. Flush the drain – Using hot water to pour down your drains.

    8. Repeat – if 1st attempt doesn’t work. 2 to 3 attempts is ideal. More than that, would mean to call the experts