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  • Sewer Line System

    Dealing with a broken sewer line is nasty and hazardous to your health, and so as your family’s. It is also a confusing problem. There are a lot of factors that may be associated to the sewer line problem, determining if the sewer line is broken or clogged, what caused the problem and how to fix the clogged or broken sewer line in the house.

    Early signs of a damaged or clogged sewer line should be noticed as soon as possible to prevent further more damage. For this will cause more money, time and effort if the problem will be long unattended.

    Early warning signs if your sewer line is either clogged or partially damaged:

    • A bad and often disgusting kind of smell that is starting to rise from your basement. This will indicate that the sewage in your house is not reaching the city sewer line, which is usually located at the side of the street in front of your house.
    • Gargling or bubbling noises can be heard when flushing your toilet or when you drain something in your kitchen sink. This is clearly an evidence of a blockage as the air is having trouble upon trying to escape your sewer line.
    • Experiencing a back­flow of sewage into your home. An indication that there is an obstruction in between your house trap and the city sewer. This usually happens to your floor waste drain, bathroom sink and/or your kitchen sink.

    Immediate action should be taken if your starting to experience these types of symptoms in your sewer lines. Drain cleaners such as drain cleaning liquids, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lemon Squeeze and other drain cleaning agents can be used but normally, these are just quick and temporary remedies for the problem. Calling the experts and licensed plumbers should be the best solution to your sewer line issues. For they can do thorough inspection of the sewer line and they will be able to determine on what the problem is, how did it happen, when did it start and what to do next.


    The average life span of a sewer line is 40 to 50 years and is common for old earthenware or clay sewer pipes to crack or separate after using it for several years. The pipes may have been invaded by roots from a tree or any plant nearby. Sewer lines that are not maintained for a very long time should be scheduled with a periodic cleaning procedure to avoid any major sewer problems in the future. Some cases of sewer line damage cases are caused by utility companies working in the
    roadway that can possibly cause minor to major damages to your sewer system.

    Professional Help:

    An experienced and licensed plumber should be called to perform a detailed analysis on the sewer lines. It usually starts with “Snaking” the sewer line to clear any objects that are causing the blockage. Some objects cannot be cleared with Snaking. So high pressure water jetters will be used. Fragile sewer lines may no longer need Snaking and Water Jetters. Better solution is normally doing some minor or major repairs along the line. Some sewer line problems are just better off being replaced.