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  • Top 5 Reasons You Get Blocked Drains

    blocked drainHaving blocked drains can be a real hassle. Experiencing this arises to several inconveniences such as sinks and toilets filled with water. Imagine the horror of unpleasant sights and foul odor in places where you should be comfortable and cleaning things. It can even get embarrassing if you have friends coming over and they can’t use the toilet.

    There are just a few households that never got to experience any issue with blocked drains. Are you suspecting that you have blocked drains? Here are some of the common causes that you may be overlooking:

    Plant Leaves and Tree Roots

    The most common factor for blocked drains are tree and plant roots and leaves. Roots can grow for up to three times the height of the tree. They are in constant search of water sources or moisture to look for nourishment. Pipes with loose joints can attract these pipes and possibly crack pipes. Blockage becomes the result of this.

    The leaves of plants fall in the autumn and when these accumulate and form a mass that could block drains.

    While keeping plants and trees around your property is ideal, keeping an eye on them is necessary to prevent blockage of drains and pipes.

    Foreign Objects

    Have you ever dropped soap, toys, jewelries and other stuff accidentally in your drain? Although this does not happen all the time, there are times when foreign objects are accidentally dropped in drains. Lodged foreign materials cause blockage which may not be noticed instantly. The best way to provide necessary action in these instances and lessen the problem is by training everyone in the household to be honest about such instances.


    Losing hair is normal that in fact, there is an estimate of 100 hair strands that fall off from your head in a day. When you take a shower however it seems that you lose more hair. You may never really notice it a lot but the hair that goes down the drain can accumulate and cause a mass enough to cover the drain. Hair mass can be difficult to remove but there have been devices that can be added to the drain to keep tiny hair strands from clogging the drains.

    Wipes and other toiletries

    It is easy to get swayed by “can be flushed” signs in the labels of wipes and other toiletries but many Australian households deal with blocked drains because of these. It is good to practice proper disposal and not simply flushing nappies and wipes down the drain.

    Grease or Fat

    Greasy and fatty substances that you allow to enter the drain can cause a great deal of trouble in the long run. If you love serving fatty or greasy food these remnants can be washed down the sink. The problem is that grease and fat accumulate and do not exit the pipes and instead stick on the sides of pipes.

    Each of these common causes are difficult to avoid but homeowners should try to keep a close watch. Preventive maintenance with your trusted plumbing professionals will also be a great help.