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  • Using a High Strength Acid to Clear Blocked Drains

    A blockage in household drains can stop waste water draining away from your household causing nasty problems. Acid drain cleaners usually contain sulfuric acid to dissolve proteins and fats via hydrolysis. Learn how to use an acid-based drain cleaner safely and effectively utilizing the following tips and guidelines.

    Precautions When Using Acid Drain Cleaners

    • Avoid directly adding acid drain cleaners to water to prevent violent chemical reactions.
    • Wear protective gear (gloves, masks, etc.) at all times. Direct contact with the acid can cause severe skin burns or eye injuries. Inhalation of vapors produced from the acid can result to chronic or acute health hazards. Flush skin with water immediately when any acid get onto your skin.
    • Acid drain cleaners should be added slowly into the pipe to minimize chemical reactions.
    • Ensure not to add too much acid drain cleaners at a time to avoid damaging the pipes.

    Pros and Cons of Using Acid Drain Cleaners

    • Ability to remove any reasonable clog.
    • Acid drain cleaners are readily available in some formulations
    • Does not require special training to use
    • Acid-based chemicals are very convenient and economical
    • Health hazards associated with the use of the drain cleaners
    • Potential to cause damage to clothing and household materials

    Data released by the Australian Department of the Environment revealed that sulfuric acid will exist as particles or droplets in the air if released in the atmosphere. The chemical is highly corrosive and can cause severe burns on plants, land animals and birds.

    Due to the risks associated with the use of sulfuric acid drain cleaners, it is highly recommended to call a professional to handle the job. Contact Plumber Bondi now and meet our Blocked Drain Specialists.