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  • 3 Common Residential Emergency Plumbing Problems

    Many homeowners distaste the reality of having plumbing problems. It somehow elicits a necessity to address such problems. Emergency plumbing problems cause stress, inconvenience and are very costly if it happens more often. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to know emergency plumbing problems so that you may be able to take action on what is needed to be done immediately when the problem arise. Here are 3 common emergency plumbing problems which most homeowners frequently complain about.

      1. Burst Pipe

      This is probably the most common problem plumber encounters at many homes and industrial buildings. Some common reasons why pipe bursts are because of freezing conditions, damage, misuse or the age of the pipe. If a major pipe line will burst out, this can create a devastating or dramatic scenario. For examples, if a major pipe line is broken due to fault piping or bursting, plumbers will isolate the area which people may not enter that includes homes or other buildings. Due to burst pipes, some households may not have any water supply for some time.

      Burst pipe doesn’t only happen on underground pipes but for offices and commercial building, pipes may burst in the ceiling. This will cause huge trouble and delay work accomplishment or any work operations.

      2. Gas Leaks

      This emergency plumbing problem is also known as ‘the silent killer.’ You may never know if gas leaks happen because carbon monoxide is known to be tasteless, odorless and colorless. The common source of gas leaks are defective appliances or those devices that are poorly maintained or incorrectly installed. It is difficult to identify gas leaks like that of carbon monoxide. If you won’t take an action in preventing or determining a gas leak, this may cause serious health issues or it may lead to poisonous effect.

      Homeowners are advised to install a carbon monoxide detector to their respective homes. This will not only detect gas leaks but will also be considered as a first line of defense to further make your home safe to live in.

      3. Blocked toilet/drains

      This may be the least alarming among the emergency plumbing problems but let’s face it, this is far more happening every now and then in many homes. This is one reason why some homeowners build up stress because we always use toilets and it’s frustrating if it’s not working to fit for our needs. This problem is known to be an emergency because if this is not taken care of, it may create a not so pleasant environment to your bathroom. Other common drainage blockage problems include in the bathtub and kitchen sinks. There are also factors to know how to prevent blockages from happening all the time.

    Mentioned above are the most common problems homeowners’ experience that need emergency plumbing services. There are experienced plumbers or contractors that may help you with these types of problems. It pays to know these complications in order to be fixed immediately and also won’t worsen the problem.