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  • 3 Effective Tips When Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

    plumberbondi plumbing emergency

    There are instances that plumbing emergencies are costly and time-consuming. That’s why it’s important for anyone who’s facing the dilemma to call a local certified plumber to deal with the problem. However, most homeowners would prefer to fix the problem themselves as a way to save money. The problem here is that the complication can exacerbate if the homeowner doesn’t have the knowledge, skill, and experience to repair it. A certified plumber is equipped with the necessary skills and is trained to repair plumbing emergencies any time of the day. Some plumbing companies even offer a 24-hour emergency service. However, it’s important to minimise the problem if you know how and keep it under control while the plumbers are still en route.

    1. Burst pipes

    One telltale sign of pipe burst is the loud, rushing sound it makes. It may sound like there is water literally rushing through the walls, and when ignored the area will just be flooded in a matter of time. The initial step we should take is to shut down the water supply or the mains. However, this should be avoided or one should be very careful if there are electrical outlets that surround the area where the pipe burst is. An alternative for shutting down the water supply is to use towels instead. Towels can be utilised in order to soak up some of the water while the plumber is still on his way. This helps in minimising the amount of water and the damages the flood is causing.

    1. Backed up toilets and drains

    While there many times where blocked drains and toilet can be easily fixed, there are also instances that plunging can’t even remove obstructions that are causing the drains and toilets to block.  This can happen due to some factors such as tree roots can crack the pipes and penetrate in the pipe system. Plunging blocked drains caused by tree roots will only worsen the issue. Severe backup and flooding could happen. The best thing to do is to minimise the damage while waiting for a licensed plumber, is to shut down the mains or water supply. There are certain methods used to remove the tree roots and repair the crack. They can use special tools and chemicals to remove the obstructions and only certified plumbers can do it as they have been trained on how to deal with such issue.

    1. Don’t forget to call a licensed or certified plumber

    One of the services a plumbing company offers is the 24-hour emergency services. The company usually place their telephone numbers on their website. Emergency services may cost a bit higher in contrast to standard plumbing issues during regular or after hours. However, don’t fret of the cost since it’ll be worth it especially if it will prevent and avert your household from getting flooded. Aside from this, you don’t have to spend money for the restoration of the basement or damaged appliances. For instances, carpets and floorings can be severely damaged as well as electrical injuries may happen if there are any loose outlets or wires close to the flooded area. Taking some preventive actions in order for the problem not to worsen, and contacting the technicians and plumbers will avoid severe household damage. Moreover, the experts can give tips to avoid future plumbing emergencies.