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  • 3 Effective Ways to Promote Sustainable Plumbing

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    This age and time is considered as the time of declining water supplies and rising restrictions in water supply in various areas of Australia, thereby Australians have to be cognizant and cautious of their water usage. Even those living in provinces or states without water restrictions considered water as important commodity that must not be wasted. Are there ways to improve our existing plumbing system? Can we make enhancements to promote water conservation? Who to call to help us with our water conservation goals? If you are one of these individuals, then it is best that you contract to reliable, experienced and licensed green plumber to check out your existing plumbing system to evaluate its present condition and to determine ways on how to improve your water system, to save money, to conserve water as well as to protect the environment.

    Why Transition to Green Plumbing?

    Numerous Australians shift to green plumbing because of the numerous benefits it showcases. Aside from conserving water, property owners can also save money, water and time. It is also effectual in protecting Mother Nature. Examples of green plumbing include things like:

    • Harvesting of rain water
    • Using of rainwater in washing machines and toilets
    • Utilizing grey water treatment system
    • Using water conservation devices like dual-flush toilet system and pressure reducing water valve
    • Installing solar hot water devices
    • Using septic tanks and sewerage treatment system

    When you opt to implement and to utilise green plumbing system in your property, you will obtain rebates from the state and local government. Sustainable plumbing is also effective in the reduction of energy and water bills as well as in boosting the resale market value of your house. Transitioning to green plumbing will free you from the stringent water restrictions imposed by the local governments in different provinces of Australia.

    What Are the Other Means of Implementing Green Plumbing in Properties?

    1. You can hire a green plumber to install solar hot water system in your home. If you previously used the traditional hot water heater, then it is time to shift use to solar-powered hot water system. This device is not just energy-efficient but you can use hot water anytime and devoid of worrying about the rise of your electricity and water bill. Even if it is cloudy or raining, you can still use hot water as this device has a thermostat that will automatically to provide users with the needed hot water.

    2. You can also install water tanks in your home to save water. The water tank can be used in storing the rainwater collected that can be used in watering of plants in the garden, washing of clothes, flushing of the toilets and etc.

    3. You can also ask your green plumber to upgrade your plumbing fixtures by replacing it with its sustainable alternatives.

    Whatever options you implement, be sure to confer with credible, licensed and accredited green plumbers for guidance and suggestions. Always remember that these professionals are trained, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about the most sustainable plumbing appliances and products.