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  • 4 Typical Winter Plumbing Predicaments


    Winter, due to the sudden change in temperature and weather conditions, has brought so many plumbing predicaments than what you expected. Snow tends to cover the area until no earth surface is visible, and when you don’t protect your plumbing system, they might be covered with various predicaments as well.

    When winter arrives, expect all the problems accompanying it. That is why every homeowner should be well-equipped with plumbing maintenance techniques to save your system from the destructions caused by the cold season. Pipes, when not insulated, they might be in danger so as your water heaters and other plumbing appliances and fixtures. Prevent these problems from happening by protecting your system. Here are the four typical plumbing predicaments during the winter season.


    1. Frozen pipes

    It is inevitable that pipe would freeze due to the cold season, especially when the temperature drops below zero degree Celsius. This would typically occur on outdoor pipes, especially when they are not turned off and drained. The water they contain might freeze causing the pipe to freeze as well. For garden hoses, they must be detached and kept inside your homes to save them from destruction. This poses a great threat to your water pipes and garden hoses. When water inside your pipes freeze, they tend to expand and increase their diameter making it impossible for pipes to handle until they burst.

    To avoid this horrible dilemma, make sure to insulate your plumbing pipes before winter. This is to ensure that they are well-protected from being frozen. Wrap them with insulating foam available in the plumbing market to keep them warm. Drain the stagnant water inside them to avoid frozen water. Turn off the pipes leading outdoor as they are, for sure, not necessary during the cold season. Make sure to run your taps and showers once in a while to avoid frozen pipes.


    1. Poor water heating process

    Because of the very cold temperature, heating appliances would find it hard to perform their job efficiently. The low temperature would prevent creating warmth and heat, thus this situation would urge them to work harder than what they used to be. This would add to the stress they are experiencing and so homeowners should see to it that they are always in good condition or you will freeze in coldness. Investigate and test them once in a while to ensure their well-being and to directly know whenever they are experiencing troubles. When they do, immediately hand them quick remedies to avoid the problem from getting worse.


    1. Leaking or burst pipes

    Leaking and burst pipes are the predicament next to frozen pipes. As mentioned earlier, frozen water within water pipes tends to expand causing them to leak or burst. To prevent this from happening, insulate your pipes to avoid freezing thus, lessening the possibility of leaks and bursts.


    1. Water Heater Failure

    Water heaters, as part of your home’s heating appliances, tend to work two times harder in this season. Because of that, expect that the stress they experience would double as well. These stresses are the main causes why they frequently experience problems and that raises the necessity to maintain them over the cold season. Insulate them to keep them warm and engage with a professional whenever a problem arises.