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  • 5 Essential Plumbing Valves You Need at Home

    valvesPlumbing valves are essential to every plumbing system. In fact, when time comes, these little fixtures will be your first line of defense to get problems and issues under control. It maintains safety and precaution to your plumbing fixtures. For instance, when your tap is dripping or when one area of your pipeline is dripping, you will turn to your shut-off valves to keep the damage minimal and to prevent your water bill from skyrocketing so you don’t have to break the bank paying your bills. Here are the essential types of valves you need at home:

    1. Shut-off Valves

    This is one of the most common valve types that you can find in most homes. Not only is it essential, it is also one of the essentials. This type of valve is mainly utilised for the controlling water flow. Shut-off valves will help you put issues in control when there is a need to. The equipment will help you in keeping plumbing repair less messy.

    2. Check Valves

    This is another valve type that is essential to your plumbing system. This is used in keeping the flow of your water supply in the right direction. It is also beneficial in keeping the water from being contaminated. It is the valve used to help the water avoid traveling down their unassigned pipes. A check valve is also beneficial in preventing harmful events and contaminants from being mixed into the clear supply water.

    3. Pressure Relief Valves

    This valve is commonly found inside water heaters. They help release the excess water pressure whenever it reaches a level beyond what is necessary or higher than what the water heater can stand. Just like a shut-off valve, it maintains order among the plumbing fixtures so it does not create a ruckus in your system causing large-scale damages. It stabilizes pressure by releasing or discharging air or water. Another purpose for that is to prevent the water heater from overheating and avert possible explosion.

    4. Pressure Reducing Valves

    A pressure reducing valves takes the shape of a bell and is usually found in the pipes that are connected to or are used to transport water supply into the building. It is important due to the fact that the water pressure level in the industrial water supply pipe is much greater than the pressure level in your property. There is an incessant need to minimize the pressure to prevent damage to your plumbing system. The pressure in the main supply lines will strain your pipelines. You will know if your supply lines have stronger pressure than it can stand when there are clanging noises from within the pipe.

    5. Gas Valves

    A gas valve is necessary for your home because you need to have a safety fixture to keep you gas in check. Gas leaks are can lead to explosion and fire that is why having a default equipment that you can easily turn on and off when needed is a must in every residence. Also, more and more landlords and gas companies promote the use of one to keep the household safe.