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  • 5 General Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

    Being knowledgeable with the plumbing fixtures and system in your house can help thwart plumbing accidents and disasters. You don’t necessarily need to become an expert in plumbing; you just need to be well-informed with some basic know-how. Here are some general plumbing tips that you should know!

    1. Know the Location of the Main Valves and Plumbing Fixture Valves

    The first thing you must know is the exact location of the main water supply valves as well as the plumbing fixture valves. It’s not enough that you’re aware of the location; you need to be able to turn these valves off. Don’t worry; it’s pretty easy to learn how these valves work. This is really a basic yet important plumbing tip since you can immediately turn the water supply in case of plumbing emergencies like bursting water leaks, toilet overflow, etc.

    2.Water Pressure Should not Exceed 80 psi

    It’s very dangerous for your plumbing appliances and system if the water pressure is too high. Pipes burst and the fixtures get damaged since it can’t handle the strong water flow. Rule of thumb is not to exceed 80 psi. You obviously can’t calculate the psi on your own so it’s best to purchase a water pressure gauge. However, if you still have doubts with the exact calculation of the psi, you can contact a water company to do the calculation for you. These companies usually do it for free.

    3. Place a Container under your Water Heater

    If your water heater is a bit old, it might leak sooner or later. It’s best to be prepared and place a decent container (like a bucket) under the water heater. This will serve as an emergency solution in case of a water leak. After all, you will never know when the tank might have a leakage, so it’s better to be ready.

    4.A Water Heater’s Pressure Relief Valve Should be Functioning

    One of the most crucial features a water heater has is the pressure relief valve. This component acts as a control system that releases water when the water heater overheats or can’t handle a strong water pressure. If the pressure relief valve is broken, your water heater will get damaged, and possibly explode. Let a plumber or water heater expert inspect the heating tank for possible repercussions.

    5.Know How to Shut Down the Main Gas Supply

    Having a gas supply in your residence is quite dangerous which is why you need to be vigilant in operating and maintaining it. You must know where to turn off the gas supply line, and be familiar with the gas line system. Aside from that, you need to make sure there aren’t flammable items near the gas supply. Gas leaks are very alarming and if you smell a foul gas odour or hear gas escaping, you must leave the premises as soon as possible and call the emergency hotline in your area.