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  • 5 Tips In Maintaining The Plumbing System During Summer

    plumberbondi plumbing system maintenance

    As the summer season is fast approaching, households would demand more supply of water due to the hot temperature. Typically, the water is used to water the plants, drinking, bathing and even washing the car. Because of our demand for water, it should be used effectively without even wasting it to avoid an increase in the water bill. However, this event can be inevitable if there are damaged in your plumbing fixtures. What most household lack is maintaining their plumbing system during the summer season to make use of the domestic water without wasting it. To help you with the maintenance, here are some effective tips you can follow:

    Maintain your sprinklers regularly

    Check if your outdoor sprinkler is working efficiently to avoid water wastage and destroying your lawn. Since our sprinklers are often used to water the plants, it’s exposed to too much heat. Because of this, they’re prone to leakage. It’s best to conduct a regular inspection to assure that the watering system is working efficiently. In addition, you also have to check if it has leaks or possibilities of bursting in order to repair it immediately.

    Tree planting research

    It’s important for us to keep our lawn beautiful always. What we always do is to plant trees on the property. However, you have to research first before doing this. This is because the tree roots might reach your pipe system. Apparently, the roots will try to invade creating holes to get the moist for it to grow further. As roots enter the system, it can block the passage of water and affect the structural integrity of the pipe making it less efficient. Experts suggest planting sewer-safe shrubs and plants to avert this situation from happening. Apparently, doing this will save you from expensive pipe rehabilitation or pipe replacement.

    Check if there are any leaks

    Pipe leaks are inevitable to systems that lack maintenance. Like other issues, in order to detect, it’s best to conduct a regular maintenance to avoid the damage from getting worse. Failure to do this, it would be hard for you to know the sources of the problem or even to detect if there is a damage in the system. Keep in mind that undetected leaks will turn your water bills higher even if in its early stages.

    Inspect if there is gas leak

    What most homeowners fear to experience is a gas leak. Unfortunately, this usually happens during summer season around our outdoor grills. Again, inspect if there are minor leaks to repair it immediately. There are cases that gas leaks will precipitate to a fire turning your house into rubble.

    Use your system regularly

    Utilising the plumbing system can also be a great way in maintaining it. For instance, you can run the tap for at least a minute. However, there’s a possibility that the pipe will leak or burst due to corrosion. In addition, if the water is not drained regularly, the minerals in hard water will gather inside the passage and block it over time.