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  • 5 Warning Signs of a Broken Pipe

    plumber bondi broken pipe

    We probably believe that every minor problem can lead to a major problem. This usually happens when you leave problems unattended. In the case of problems within a plumbing system, such as a broken pipe, there are some indications where you can say that your pipe is damaged. Here are some signs of a broken pipe.

    1. Stinky Smell

    A broken or cracked pipeline can produce a foul smell in your bathroom or kitchen sink and drain. Blockages in pipes can also be one reason as it can lead to backups. The foul odour it produces is basically due to the wastewater that are failed to be transported into the sewage pipe. This can possibly lead to a severe health problem once left unattended. To avoid some health issues to occur, have your pipes inspected as soon as possible.

    2. Wet Spots

    This usually occurs to houses with an embedded pipes and tubes in the ceiling and wall. Wet patches can be visible on the walls and ceilings and can be observed on the floor of the basement where the pipelines are located. This happens due to a broken or cracked pipe which transports wastewater and clean water. Wet spots and white patches can be observed in areas where the damaged pipe is buried. Once ignored, the wet spots can lead to a bigger problem which can flood the entire house.

    3. Clanking and Banging

    This happens due to pipes that bump into each other once the pressure of the water weights on them. This occurs once the existing pipe is over its service lifespan or the joints are corroded. This may lead to a wear out in some sections of the pipes. Once you notice this sign within your plumbing system, might as well have it repaired immediately to avoid making the problem even worse. This indication of a broken can lead one problem to another. The best solution to this problem is by replacing the entire piping system.

    4. Slow Water Supply and High Water Bill

    When you rarely get enough water supply for your needs but your water bill is increasing really high, then there must be a problem with your plumbing system. To help you fix this, call for a plumbing professional to help you fix this problem as soon as possible. Paying a high water bill will just waste your hard worked money since you are not getting enough supply of water.

    5. Bubbling and Gurgling Noise

    The noises produced by the pipes are due to the cracks and tiny holes in it. The air could enter the pipes through the holes which decrease the passageway for the water volumes and cause a difficulty for water to pass through. Once this happens and left untreated for a long time, the accumulation of water pressure because of the restriction brought by the air can lead to a pipe burst which could be a bigger problem. Aside from this, a bubbling noise will also be produced once the air from the crack can’t find its way out.