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  • 7 Basic Kitchen Taps Used at Home

    Plumberbondi Touchless tap

    Our taps have been providing us with the needs we always demand. They provide water for either for cleaning and drinking purposes. These taps have been in the plumbing market long before and over time, various types of different features were devised that can be used in various situations. Here are some basic types of kitchen taps found in most households:

    Ball tap

    The ball tap is famous for its single lever that creates a rotating motion throughout its cap. The cap has slots that manage that volume of either hot or cold water that will be permitted to gush out in the spout.

    Disk tap

    Disk tap is commonly used taps that ensure you that it will provide you with a long-term service without wearing out. The tap is made of two ceramic disks; one is a movable disk while the other is a fixed one. Even if there are varied water condition in your household, this kind of type can still handle it due to its durability.

    Cartridge tap

    This type of taps is also known as “washerless”. This name as cartridge tap is due to the hollow metal of plastic cartridge sealed on the body or the spout of the tap. Furthermore, there are two known versions of this tap; first is that there are two handle taps that utilise various types of valves and the second one is the single lever tap.

    Compression washer tap

    Usually, the compression washer tap can be found in old age homes. This is because of the fact that this type of tap has been in the plumbing market for a long time. The tap has two known separate handles that manage the cold water and the hot water flow. Compression taps operate when with the aid of a compression that is pushed against the valve seat.

    Pull out tap

    For those households who have small kitchen sinks, it is recommended that they should have pulled out taps instead of other types. The tap is immensely useful for shallow sinks due to its retractable features. The spout can be removed in order to wash huge kitchen and cooking utensil as well as putting large kettles that would be impossible to fit in the sink. On the other hand, just like any other amenity, the tap’s spring loosens and wears out over time.

    Pull down tap

    Although this tap has a similar appearance with the pull out tap, there function and purpose are completely different. The pull-down tap can be moved up and down that is suitable for big and a deep kitchen sink. By just pulling the spread head down, you can easily wash all the utensils and your cooking ingredients.

    Touchless tap/Motion detector

    Apparently, this tap is influenced by advanced technology. Like any other taps, its purpose is to provide clean water either for washing or drinking purposes. On the other hand, this kind of tap supplies water without even touching its handle. The tap has a motion sensor that releases water immediately.