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  • 7 Plumbing Myths that Got Debunked

    plumbing toolsYou’ve probably heard of countless plumbing tips, and found some of those useful. However, there are times when these tips are just myths that can potentially damage the pipe system. Here are the most common plumbing myths that you should refrain from doing.

    1. Flushing Wet Wipes in the Toilet

    Indeed, wet wipes can be easily flushed away but this doesn’t mean you should continue doing it. As you keep draining down the wipes into the toilet, it will eventually block the pipes since it’s not biodegradable unlike toilet paper. Wet wipes are one of the most common items that are flushed into the toilet that causes clogs. If you want to dispose the wipes just throw it in a garbage disposal.

    1. “Cleaning” a Garbage Disposal with Lemon

    A lot of homeowners think that simply placing a lemon into the garbage disposal will automatically clean it. The notion is supported by the fact that the lemon eliminates the awful odour of the disposal. But removing the foul smell doesn’t mean the disposal is clean. It actually involves manual cleaning by applying cleaning solutions and scrubbing.

    1. Drains and Toilet won’t Clog Since It’s Working Well

    The fact is clogs don’t immediately happen, it takes time to develop. At first, you may be confident that your drains and toilet are smoothly clearing out, but over time, it will become less efficient and eventually clog if there is an accumulation of debris. The best course of action is to clean and clear out the drains regularly. Setting up a drain filter can help sort out waste, litter, and debris. For toilet maintenance, just make sure the only things you’re flushing are toilet papers and human wastes.

    1. Always Tightening the Tap Handle to Avoid Leaks

    It may seem a good idea to always tighten the tap handles to prevent any unnecessary dripping, but it’s actually not true. As you constantly clench the faucet handle, the mechanism becomes strained and can become severely damaged. What you can do is to gently turn the handle off, just enough to stop the water flow.

    1. Plumbing Fixtures Don’t Need Any Maintenance

    Perhaps this is the most alarming among these plumbing myths since it can prove to have devastating effects. This holds true even if your plumbing fixtures has the highest quality in the market. Ignoring the plumbing fixtures need for clean and maintenance can result in costly repairs in the future.

    1. Depending on Toilet-Cistern Cleaners

    A very popular toilet-cistern cleaner is coloured bleach tablets. It does minimise the need for cleaning the toilet, but it has a drawback: The dissolved bleach debris has the tendency to pile up onto the cistern–causing a blockage. A far better and safer solution is to apply vinegar instead of the bleach tablets since it cleans effectively without the trouble of potential clogs.

    1. Hands Soaps are Enough to Clean Plumbing Fixtures

    Hand soap is not an effective cleaning solution to your plumbing fixtures. Each appliance needs a unique cleaning regimen, for example: toilet bowls and sinks need more than just soap, it needs a disinfectant to remove germs and bacteria.