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  • A DIY Project for Plumbing Emergencies

    A do-it-yourself (DIY) project which involves repairing your own plumbing system can turn into a disaster quickly. However, replacing your toilet or fixing leaky faucets on your own can save you money. Here, we will be discussing the tools required for a plumbing emergency kit and the things you can do during plumbing emergencies.

    Plumber’s Emergency Kit

    • Bucket – A five gallon bucket is enough to serve as your tool holder. It can also be used to catch leaks during the repair process.
    • Plunger – A plunger can provide you with extra unclogging power.
    • Wrenches – These are extremely important tools in plumbing. An adjustable wrench and a pair of slip joint pliers should cover most repair jobs.
    • Allen keys – A set of Allen keys is essential for removing the handles of faucets.
    • Adhesives. – A duct tape is a great aid in making temporary plumbing fixes, especially sealing up leaks in drain lines or at the connection joints.
    • Gloves – Disposable nitrile gloves are recommended for messy jobs since they do not degrade like latex.
    • Flashlight – A headlamp style light may come in handy since most pipes and drains are located in dark places.

    Emergency Plumbing Tips

    • Do research on your plumbing system as a whole and get some knowledge about the basic concepts of plumbing.
    • Know the location of the main water shut-off valves.
    • Know how to shut off your water heaters.
    • Learn how to use the technique called “backing off” which involves using two wrenches at once turning in opposite directions.
    • Use a forced cup plunger to unclog a toilet.
    • To reduce a leak temporarily, pull together a crack in a pipe using a duct tape.
    • Use slip joint pliers to loosen the collar nuts on a drain line.
    • To expose the entire drain of a bathtub when unclogging, unscrew the chrome cap.
    • Remaining calm at all times is strongly advised as the outcomes of DIY plumbing projects may vary. Some of the plumbing emergencies may require simple solutions, so keep calm and think logically.