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  • DIY Plumbing Safety Guide

    For those of you who are fond of DIY plumbing projects and repairs, you need to be mindful in keeping your safety. Some people are too focused in getting the job done that they often forget to safeguard themselves. Don’t commit the same mistakes and learn how to protect yourself from a plumbing accident. Check out this plumbing safety guide as a reference for your security.


    Maintain your Composure No Matter What

    A common mistake people make when doing plumbing projects is panicking when something goes wrong. It’s best to keep your composure no matter what happens; even if there is a sudden pipe burst or a severe water leakage is happening. Panicking will do you no good, you won’t be able to think straight and do the necessary actions. Anyway, before you even begin any kind of plumbing project, you need to know where the main water supply is located. This is very important since you will be able to easily cut the water supply in the event of a water leakage.


    Always Have a Phone Nearby

    When doing a plumbing project, be sure to have a phone nearby so that you can immediately call an emergency hotline in case of an accident. Even if you’re very careful and have the necessary protection, accidents are still bound to happen which is why you shouldn’t disregard this tip. Just be on the safe side and keep a phone near your project site.


    Let Someone Help You

    It’s so much better and safer if you have a relative or friend who you can do the project with. Not only will this make things easier, it also makes it far safer as you can have someone to backup you up in case of an emergency. Call a capable family member or even your neighbours to help you with your plumbing project.


    Turn Off Electrical Sources Near You

    A lot of people think that plumbing isn’t that dangerous since you’re just dealing with pipes and water, but it’s actually far more complicated that. You see, there are plumbing repairs that are hazardous, especially near an electric outlet. Water and electricity only results with electrocution, so always be mindful if you’re near an electric outlet or source. This especially holds true when fixing a water leak from a water heater as this equipment runs on electricity.


    Always Wear Protection

    When doing plumbing repairs, always wear the necessary protection for your eyes, hands, lungs, and ears. There are times when projectiles might fly off to your eyes when repairing plumbing fixtures so be sure wear safety goggles. Wear latex gloves when cleaning or repairing toilets to avoid infections and to protect your hands from chemicals. Don’t ignore your ears as well since using noisy power tools can lead to ear damage. Use earplugs to safeguard your ears. Lastly, wear a respirator if you have to deal with fumes, dust, and even mould infestations.


    Always Use the Recommended Tools and Supplies

    Improper handling of equipment and not using the right tools can only lead to injury. Not only that, the plumbing appliance you are fixing might become even more damaged.