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  • How to Conserve Water in the Bathroom

    You may have been trying your best to lower water consumption in the household. This is actually an excellent mindset as not only can you decrease your water utility bills, but help the environment as well. Perhaps the area in any household that uses a lot of water is the bathroom. After all, this is where you shower and use lots of water to flush down waste in the toilet. Logically, this is a key area that you must be most attentive with your daily routine. Here are some tips to teach you how to conserve water in the bathroom.

    Don’t Leave any Water Running

    An easy way you can waste water is by letting it run without even using it. This usually occurs when brushing the teeth or wiping the face. You may think that it has little impact with water usage, but did you know that doing this in a regular basis can actually waste gallons of water each year? This is why you should be observant when opening faucets in your house.

    Lessen Your Bath & Shower Time

    Shower or baths? If you want to save more water then you should do showers instead of baths since it does use less water. However, showering for a very long time won’t conserve any water so be mindful of how much time you’re spending in the shower. Limit your shower time around five to ten minutes. Those who really like long showers might be disappointed with this tip, but if you want to preserve water resources then you need to make small sacrifices.

    Replace Old Plumbing Fixtures with Water-Saving Units

    Since being eco-friendly is such a trend these days, appliance manufacturers are outdoing each other on who can make the most efficient yet environment-friendly fixtures. Now this approach in conserving water might be costly for you, but it does provide long term benefits. Replacing your old plumbing appliances with new fixtures that can save water usage is highly commendable. You can replace standard toilets with dual flush toilets. The dual flush feature allows you to save more water as its liquid usage is controlled efficiently. It uses less water for liquid waste and more water for the solid waste.

    You should also consider installing low-flow faucets and showerheads as it consumes less water than its standard counterparts. Some of you might think that it will have a lower water flow but it’s quite the contrary. Its design is just innovative that it sill has consistent water pressure despite exhausting less water.

    Don’t Leave any Plumbing Problems Unattended

    If there are any leaks or the faucet is dripping non-stop, you should fix this as soon as you can. Not only will this leads to the destruction of your plumbing fixtures, it will also waste litres of water. It’s highly recommended that you acquire plumbing services if you have no idea how to repair these fixtures.