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  • How to keep your House safe From Gas Leaks

    gas leak

    Gas leaks are considered to be amongst the most dangerous plumbing emergencies. Some of you may be surprised that plumbing involves gas line, but it actually is. Preventing a gas leak should be one of your top priority when it comes to household maintenance, which is why this article will present some tips on how you can keep your house safe from gas leaks.

    Installation and repair should be done by a licensed professional

    It’s very dangerous to anyone in your home if there is a gas leak, even if it’s not anything major. You see, aside from the threat of explosion, there is also another hazardous effect from gas leaks which is carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause illnesses such as: upset stomach, vomiting, dizziness and so much more. A safety trigger is created by companies for gas lines in which there is a ‘rotten egg smell’ that will be release if there is a leak. The reason for the creation of this safety feature is because carbon monoxide is odourless and colourless; making it difficult to detect. If the gas services you hired is substandard, the gas lines or safety feature may not be installed in the right manner; leaving you at high risk from gas leaks and poisoning. Have a licensed gas repair service company or plumber install or repair gas lines for your safety.

    Gas appliances should have a maintenance check every year

    Your gas fixtures may have some issues that can’t be found until it’s already too late. One way of preventing gas leaks and other issues with gas connections and appliances is by having a maintenance check. Clearly, a DIY check-up won’t do any good since gas connections are more intricate and dangerous to deal with. Again, you need to hire a licensed expert for this upkeep as they’re more qualified in finding issues with your gas appliances and connection.

    Install a carbon monoxide alarm

    There may be a case in which the “rotten egg smell” safety feature may not be working ―— leaving you clueless if there is ever a gas leak. As an added safety measure, you might want to install an audible carbon monoxide alarm. This alarm is a great addition to your gas leak detection equipment since it’s not too expensive, easy to set-up and easily warns you if there is a gas leak.

    Be wary of signs of gas appliance failures

    Some of your gas fixtures may be starting to become dysfunctional or get damaged. By being aware of some early signs of equipment failures, you may be able to inhibit both gas leaks and further destruction to your appliance. Here are some common indicators that a few of your appliances are starting to degrade:

    *Gas cooker has yellow or orange flames (it should be mostly blue)

    *Black stains and marks can be found all over your gas fixtures

    *Too much condensation of a window that’s near a gas appliance

    *The pilot lights die down easily and on a frequent basis