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  • How to Make Your Bathroom Elder-Friendly

    The elderly can have a tough time using the bathroom due to the physical limitations set by their age. Showering, using the toilet, and other lavatory activities can become a great challenge for them. In fact, it can become extremely dangerous for the elders due to the risk of slipping. Fortunately, there are new attachments and features that you can add into your bathroom to make it more elder-friendly.

    Use Non-Slip Floor Covers and Rugs

    This isn’t just useful for elders but to everyone using the bathroom as well. It doesn’t require any strenuous effort or expensive renovation which makes it a fast and easy solution. You can also place non-slip tapes on the lower tub and shower pans.

    Set up Grab Bars

    Old people have a tough time moving to the bathroom due to limited mobility. You can improve their manoeuvrability by adding grab bars on the showers, toilet, and bathtub. Installing the bars can be done on your own but if you’re not handy with tools or not confident to install it on your own, then just hire another person to do the installation for you. It’s best to put the grab bars on accident-prone areas like the shower area, toilet, and the entrance of the bathroom.

    Change Your Faucet

    Some elders have trouble twisting the handle of faucets. You can make things easier for them by installing taps that are more elder-friendly like foot-operated and lever versions. However, you need to take note on what faucet is suitable according to the physical restrictions the elder has. Before you decide on what to install, consult your local plumber to have more advices on what to install and where to put it.

    Increase the Toilet Height

    Using the toilet can become impossible for some old people. It could be that the height of the towel is not relevant to them any more. The solution for this is to increase the toilet height. Replacing the toilet with a new one that has a “comfort height” is an expensive method, but more practical if you plan to renovate bathroom. For a quick fix, just install a thick seat to raise the height.

    Curbless Shower and Walk-In Bathtubs

    If the elder has trouble using their legs or is in a wheelchair, then you should adapt to their needs by making your shower curbless. You see, the curbs can make the passage of the elder to the shower very difficult. Walk-in bathtubs are an excellent alternative to standard bathtubs. The design of a walk-in bathtub is simple: it has a ‘mini door’ that allows easy access for the elderly in entering the bathtub.

    Illuminate the Bathroom Well

    Most elders have problems with their eyesight. You may see things clearly, but most old people will have trouble navigating if the room isn’t illuminated well. Bright lights should be installed on the shower area, toilet, and especially the entrance of the room.