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  • The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

    plumber bondi - hiring a licensed plumber

    Do-it-Yourself (DIY) hacks are rampantly used to cut costs at home and skimp on employing expensive experts. Indeed, there are plumbing issues that require no professional expertise and can be effectively performed by home-owners. However, major plumbing problems critically need the experience and high-quality workmanship of licensed plumbers. You may have to disregard your ambitious “I think I can” mantra and misguided confidence to prevent things from spiralling out of control.

    These are some of the advantages of hiring professional plumbers before you attempt to solve serious plumbing problems on your own:

    1. High-Quality Workmanship and Expertise

    To ensure the success of your plumbing project, you need the plumbers who possess the vital plumbing knowledge and skill to address any plumbing issue. They also need to come with the proper tools and resources for a solid handle on installations, diagnosis, and repairs. A fully-accredited plumber receives a plumbing licence which will assure you that he was exposed to addressing a full range of plumbing issues. It is then guaranteed that the plumber knows the best course of action for your circumstance. There will be no waste of time over ineffective solutions and the job would go efficiently and according to schedule.

    1. Background Check

    In obtaining and maintaining a licence, it is necessary for your plumber to undergo a criminal background check which is highly important for all personnel who will be given access to your home. Additionally, you should also carefully check out your plumber’s background.Request for a copy of their licence and verify its validity. References also come in handy,especially when you are in for big-budget project. Make sure the plumber has a commendable reputation and quality service.

    1. Insurance Issues

    There maybe mid-project damages that occur so it is crucial to ensure that your plumber is bonded and insured. In most states, a licensed plumber obtains a liability insurance which will account for job-related injuries. Typically, workers’ compensation is part of the benefits package in most professional plumbing companies so it means that the plumber has his own coverage for the damages that may occur from doing the work in your home.

    1. Save your Warranty

    There are some appliance warranties that can be denied if it was an unlicensed plumber who did the installation. I f the appliance is defective, the manufacturer may void the warranty repairs.

    1. Save on Costs

    Do not automatically assume that you can cut corners by attempting to do repairs by yourself or by contacting an unlicensed personnel – you are actually doing it wrong. Costs on future plumbing repairs are significantly reduced since the plumbing specialist has the high-quality workmanship that would keep your plumbing system in a good condition through the years and season.

    1. Prevent Plumbing Damage

    An uncredited amateur may cause harm to your plumbing system instead of fixing it – and this is certainly no laughing matter. In some unfortunate cases, the low-quality work of “handymen” or freelancers will go south eventually and damage your home through a slow leakage. This will definitely cost you extra compared to the reasonable fees of hiring a professional in the first place.

    Certified plumbing specialists know the right course of action to take whatever plumbing issue you may be facing. They can also remedy unforeseen mid-project repairs and work smoothly and effectively.

    1. Less Accountability of Unlicensed Plumbers

    Plumbers demonstrate their commitment to playing by certain rules if they have been insured or bonded. Their licence could be yanked or the bond could be jeopardised if they do not tacitly agree to stand by their work and go beyond their call of duty to satisfy what the customer needs and demands.

    Hiring uncredited plumbers proves to be disadvantageous since they are outside of a regulatory framework.

    1. Health and Safety Risks

    Faulty installations and repairs can potentially cause injury and illness. Professional plumbers will guarantee that your appliances have their safety mechanisms intact. For example, a lot of downright dangerous things can go wrong with your water heaters (e.g. explosions, carbon monoxide leaks) and septic tank. Do not risk your safety by hiring inexperienced personnel who are incapable of thorough inspection and maintenance.

    Putting your faith on experts to fix your plumbing problems is never impractical! Just because you did not commit to a cheaper service does not mean that you did not save money. A high-quality service does not only reduce the hassle of future repairs but you also prevent putting your family’s health and your property’s structural integrity at stake. For the betterment of your home, hire a licensed plumber with a trusted track record.