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  • 4 Helpful Tips to Effortlessly Save Water from Leaks

    Leaking taps are not only a housekeeping problem but also a heavy weight that may tear down your pockets and wallet, especially when you receive a more expensive water utility bill due to sudden increase of consumption.

    It also is an environmental problem – experts have recently discovered that a single dripping tank can waste over 66 litres of water every day, 2,000 litres every month and at least 24,000 litres in a year. What a waste!

    Here are four simple yet helpful and effective ways on how you can help conserve water and at the same time, save some money and the environment by maximising use of every single drop of water.

    Don’t be too hard on your tap

    Consider your taps as your everyday best of friends. Do not push them beyond the limit. When you turn a tap on, it is not necessary for you to swish it into its maximum capacity to pour water. An average pace will do, anyway.

    More important to remember is to not turn the tap off too hard. Turn it off for as long as it stops dropping water. Too much pressure may loosen the tap turner’s hold if practised more frequently. It will eventually lose its hold, setting the problem of a leaking tap.

    Understand what your water metre says

    Your water meter carries a message you should not ignore. Pay a visit to it every single day. Check how it works or wheels but when the tap is on and when it is not. This is to assess if there’s a leak.

    You know there is a leaking problem when the water meter keeps running even when you are currently not using water at home.

    If your problem is that you do not know how to read your water meter, and how to say whether it’s running normally or not, you may call Sydney Water on 13 20 92.

    Use taps proven to be water efficient

    There are water efficient taps readily available in the market nowadays. If it is already a bit late for you to buy one, since you’ve already installed a tap that is not water efficient, you can install aerators. Aerators can make your ordinary taps water efficient.

    Leaking is not only a problem isolated with taps. It does happen with the showerhead, too. A four-star rated showerhead is more efficient in the use of water and energy than anything else.

    Wash your food with the tap off

    Some people are afraid that if they do not wash their vegetables and fruits under a running tap, it would be hard for germs and bacteria to flow away from the edible matters’ surface. It may not be that true at all.

    Whilst it is more efficient to wash vegies and fruits in a half-filled sink, taps won’t also feel abused due to the frequent turning on and off of their heads while you’re washing.

    When thawing a frozen food, do not do it under a running tap, too. Use the microwave. It will not only save water and your tap’s condition; it also helps speed up the thawing process.

    Remember these four tips or post it on your kitchen. Let all the household members read this, and help save money, water and environment from the waste caused by a leaking tap.