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  • When Should You Call a Certified Plumber?

    Some of the plumbing emergencies can be managed by nearly all homeowners or renters. However, the biggest repair jobs in plumbing require a professional plumber. Attempting to resolve common plumbing problems on your own can sometimes result to bigger problems in the future. The most common plumbing problems include leaky faucets, blocked drains, low water pressure and running toilet.

    Plumbing Maintenance

    Implementing a regular plumbing maintenance is one of the most effective ways in preventing costly repairs. A thorough inspection of household pipes is essential to detect hidden leaks in sink drains or water heaters. A certified plumber can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your plumbing system. The maintenance duties as well as the core tasks of a professional plumber include:

    • Maximizing water flow rate with drain treatments
    • Detection of leaks by conducting pressure tests
    • Assessment of water pressure
    • Ensuring clean water heaters and garbage disposals
    • Solving problems associated with water heaters
    • Installation of sinks, tubs and pipes
    • Rehabilitation of septic tanks and sewer lines

    Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Tips for Plumbing Repair

    You can do the following before calling an emergency plumber:

    • Investigate the plumbing system affected by clogs or leaks
    • Try to clear the plumbing fixtures from clogs using a plunger
    • Use a cable auger to dislodge clogs that are located further down a drainpipe
    • Identify the type of faucet affected by leaks (compression, cartridge, ball type, etc.)
    • Shut off the water before initiating plumbing repairs
    • Keep the number of the plumber to be contacted readily available

    When the problems are not resolved after doing these tips, call a certified plumber as soon as possible. According to a study conducted by IBM, 27,000 gallons of water can be wasted annually by a faucet dripping one drop per second.