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  • Why You Should Always Hire Licensed Plumbers

    Plumber Bondi Licensed Plumber

    There’s always the concept of trying to save money by purchasing cheap products and services. This also applies in hiring plumbers. Most of the time, these very low-priced plumbers are often unlicensed. Some people think that there’s no problem hiring unlicensed plumbers, but it actually has some hazards that will not only destroy your plumbing system but can possibly everyone in your household. Here are some of the explanations why you should always hire licensed plumbers for the job.

    You will be ensured that the plumber has the necessary skills, knowledge, and legal permission

    A plumbing license isn’t just some sort of formality for a plumbing job, its proof from the authentic plumbing association that the plumber has passed all the exams and field work requirements to operate. The license also indicates that the plumber has the legal permission to conduct installations, repairs, re-installation, and inspection related to all sorts of plumbing. Of course if a plumber you hired can’t present any license then he/she might have not the suitable skills and knowledge to do any sort of plumbing. If you do continue enlisting the services of unlicensed plumbers, you’ll be left with improper installations that will haunt you later on. Don’t be afraid of the higher cost in hiring licensed plumbers, since you’ll definitely have a quality plumbing work and a safe output.

    Licensed plumber answer to a regulatory board

    Plumbers who don’t have any license don’t report to any official plumbing association, which may encourage them to act in an unprofessional way. Some of these unlicensed plumbers even charge ridiculously high fees for simple fixes or even incomplete repairs. For those who are not familiar with the fees for certain plumbing jobs, they will probably just abide with the expenses without any question. Protect yourself from fraud and always ask your plumbing service provider for a legit license.

    Your safety is prioritised by licensed plumbers

    Proper fittings and repairs must be observed by each and every licensed plumber. This is because a poorly installed or repaired plumbing fixture can pose a serious health threat. A concrete example would be gas installations. If the gas lining installation is not properly fitted then it will definitely have leaks and possibly exhibit carbon monoxide poisoning. Another example would be sewer line repairs that must be properly executed. An impaired sewer line will most likely cause a sewage backup back to your home, which is completely unsanitary. Poor installations can also cause possible injuries and even death. These are the reasons why plumbing services are heavily regulated by the government. That’s why you should always be on the safe side when it comes to plumbing; hire only licensed and experienced plumbers.

    Additional safety when hiring contractors

    It’s commendable to have a licensed plumber but the contractor should also be reliable and trustworthy. The best offers a contractor can give to customers are the commercial liability insurance and surety bond. The liability insurance covers the expenses for damage to property and bodily harm inflicted upon you which was caused by the plumber. Surety bond on the other hand covers other expenses incurred by poor quality work done by the contractor, compensation for items that were stolen by the plumber, as well as settling damages that were caused by the contractor’s illegal undertakings.