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  • 10 Essential Parts of a Solar Hot Water System

    Plumber bondi Solar water heater

    Solar hot water systems are often stationed on higher areas where they can accumulate a vast amount of solar radiation for water heating. Sunlight is the main source of energy for this kind of home appliance. Aside from it is eco-friendly and highly efficient, it can also offer you low invoice for it doesn’t utilize expensive fuel and energy. Here are the essential parts that highly contribute to the efficiency of solar water heaters:

    1. Solar Collector

    This accumulates and gathers heat emitted by the sun as its source of energy. Because sunlight empowered solar water heaters, it is necessary to collect a vast amount of them and convert it to the energy used to heat water. This is the component of water heater usually spotted on roofs direct to the sun for an easy sunlight collection.

    2. Heat Exchanger

    The heat exchangers are directly connected by a pipe loop to the solar connector. This is usually found inside the hot water storage and performs the heating process by transforming the gathered sunlight to an energy that would make the heating procedure possible. This typically contains anti-freeze especially on countries with cold seasons to avoid freezing water.

    3. Hot Water Storage Tank

    This component stores hot water for subsequent use. The tank will be provided with cold water and they will heat it to be able to produce hot water for domestic use. The size of hot water tank varies, and each of them can handle different amount of water.

    4. Temperature Sensors

    This communicates with the solar controller module. This monitors the temperature of the water tank and the solar collectors making sure that the water heating process will be made possible by the existing temperature level.

    5. Solar Controller Module

    This controls the circulation of water between the hot water tank and the solar connectors. When the temperature is enough to heat the water, circulation will be permitted and not if otherwise. This is to ensure that the water heater heats the water rather than cooling them when the temperature is not sufficient.

    6. Circular Pump

    This moves water from the hot water storage tank through the solar connectors but this is controlled by the solar controller module. No circulation will take place when the temperature is not adequate to make the procedure possible.

    7. Expansion Tank

    Pressure will increase when water temperature increases in the water heater system. Expansion tank will absorb the pressure inside the system to ensure the system’s security and avoid explosion.

    8. Air Vent Valve

    This is for the piping to secure it from being air bound. Its duty is to eradicate undesirable amount of air present in the circulation loop.

    9. Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve

    P&T relief valves are designed for safety purposes. This will release the pressure inside the tank to avoid the tank from exploding. When this valve does perform as quickly as expected, your hot water storage tank, as well as your home, might be at risk.

    10. Tempering Valve or Mixing Valve

    The task done by the mixing valve is the combination of cold water to the outgoing hot water. This is to secure the safety of your plumbing unit at home. Hot water, when not mixed with cold water, might burn your pipes, as well as your bathtubs, showers and sinks.