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  • 4 Indications that you need to get a Brand New Water Heater

    Plumberbondi brand new water heater

    Water heaters are just like any other appliance that are inside your house ―— it will be eventually be replaced. Some homeowners have trouble finding out when they should replace their water heating system. You can check the list below to learn more about some indications that will help you determine if you need a brand new water heater.

    1. You must first determine the age of your water heater

    The general rule of thumb is that if a water heater is past its intended lifespan then it must be replaced no matter what. This is to avoid any complications not only to your water heating system but to the plumbing system of the household. You can check out the manufacturing date of the water heater on its label. You should also know that the lifespan of the water heater will depend on its type. Most of the conventional storage water heaters last only from 10-12 years while some like the tankless water heating systems can push through 20 years. Regardless what type of heating system you have, just be sure to replace it when it has reached its lifespan.

    2. Leaks all over the water heating system

    A common sign that the water heater is leaking is when there are water puddles that can be found around the water heater. The source of the leak may be from the storage tank, busted T&P valve, fittings, etc. Another thing you should look into is the fittings ―— if almost all the fittings are dry then there are definitely leaks around the water heater. Have a water heater engineer or a plumber check the water heating system since the leaks might still get fixed, but if they advise to replace the water heater then you really need to purchase a new one.

    3. Rusty water is coming out from the water heater

    First of all, you shouldn’t replace the water heater immediately once you noticed that it’s discharging rusty or coloured water. It’s most likely that the anode rod has already diminished; so you can solve this problem by simply replacing the anode rod. Another possibility is that the pipes of the plumbing system is rusty not the water heater. The worst case scenario and an indicator that the water heater must be replaced is when the internal components of the heating system are heavily rusted; if this happens to your water heater then you have no other choice but to replace it.

    4. It must be repaired multiple times a year

    If you noticed that the water heater must be repaired many times a year then it’s time to move on and get a new one. It’s just a waste of time, money, and effort to keep fixing a unit that’s too dysfunctional and needs plenty of fixes. It’s more ideal to just use the money you’re using in repairing the unit to purchase a brand new water heater that’s more energy-efficient and durable.