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  • 4 Maintenance Tips for Your Water Heater

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    All of our appliances should be maintained whether opt to use expensive or cheap methods. These methods will ensure that our units will work properly without giving us a headache. Also, maintenance is used to detect plumbing issues in its earliest stages which you can check and repair immediately. The following are some maintenance tips for you:
    Drain the tank

    At least once a year, our water heater tanks should be drained. This is to eliminate all the sediments that impede the burner from heating the water. This is method is a way to ensure that your unit will operate efficiently. Draining our tanks is an inexpensive way of maintaining the operation of the unit.

    • Shut down the water heater before doing anything.
    • Place a garden hose in the drain valve that is usually situated at the base of the tank.
    • To prevent the water from flowing into the tank, close the water valve.
    • You can break the valve through unlocking the relief valve.
    • Open the drain valve.
    • After opening the drain valve, sediments will flow out of the tank. Then, you need to do the steps in a reverse manner. Ensure that when you want to fill the tank with water, the electricity or gas is still turned off.

    Insulate water heater

    The purpose of insulating your water heater isn’t just for maintenance, this method is also utilised to decrease your monthly electricity bill. Most people probably think that pipes are they only ones who need to be insulated, however, this is a wrong idea. Our water heater unit also needs insulation. Aside from dwindling your bill, this is also to prevent heat loss. On the other hand, for those households who use new models of water heater, these no longer need to have insulations.
    Decrease temperature

    Experts suggest that the temperature of our water heater should be between the ranges of 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. With this technique, you will save energy and doing this ensure you that your unit won’t overheat and explode. Also, the consumption of energy is curtailed. For those water heater users at home, you to know that when there is an excessive temperature inside the tank, your water pipes will likely to expand. Thus, tank will obtain cracks and leaks or worse, burst. With this kind of maintenance, you are guaranteed you will no longer have to face crack tanks in the future.
    Replace anode rod

    his component of our water heater is also known as sacrificial anode rod. The rod can be made using either brass or magnesium. The rod must be replaced after years of using it. The reason for this even if it’s not malfunctioning is because water substances will create an electrochemical reaction that precipitates the component to corrosion and become less efficient. If you intend to replace the rod, make to buy a replacement immediately if you don’t want your water tank to end up similar to the rod.