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  • 5 Indications that It’s Time to Replace your Water heater

    No matter how durable and modern your water heater is, it will eventually succumb to age and damage. Knowing when to replace your water heater can help you avert future inconveniences and save you from expensive repairs. It’s impossible to know when to exactly replace this plumbing fixture so you need to make use of some indications as your guide.

    1.The Warranty Has Expired

    As a general rule, water heaters that have been used beyond ten to twelve years should be replaced. However, this is only applicable to standard versions. There are water heater tanks that can lasts more than ten years, specifically tankless systems. As a safe bet, just refer to the expiration date of the warranty. It’s best to start looking for a replacement even before the expiry date so that you won’t do a ‘panic buying’.


    2.It Doesn’t Effectively Generate Hot Water Anymore

    A water heater that’s unable to produce warm water is a clear sign that there’s something wrong with the equipment. If this happens a lot then you need to let a plumber or water heater specialist examines the cause of this problem. It may need just a little fix, but if the need for repairs is way too frequent then it’s time to look for a new and better water heater.


    3.Frequent Water Leaks

    Check the tank if there are any puddles of water or moisture. These are tell-tale signs that there is a water leak, which is caused by damage or fracture within the tank system. This is a common issue with heating tanks since it’s always exposed to warm temperature. As the metal is exposed to high concentration of heat, it contracts or even breaks. However, it’s not just the tank you need to check for leaks but the connections and other parts as well. If almost all the system has water leaks then you need to get a new water heater as soon as possible.


    4.Bizarre Noises Coming from the Tank

    Aside from a visual examination, you can also rely on your hearing to determine if there are any problems. If you noticed that there is a clunking noise or other suspicious sounds, then there might be issue with the machinery. Closer inspection is needed to determine the specific problem.


    5.Corroded Water

    Corroded water can occur when the internal linings of your tank is rusty. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t automatically renew your water heater when this problem occurs. It could be remedied by just replacing the anode rod. However, you need to be suspicious when rusting still occurs even if you already have a new anode rod.

    It’s not just the rod you should consider but the pipe linings of your plumbing system as well. You see, the rust may have been caused by an old or rusty pipe in your system. To confirm if the rust is coming from the water heater, do this; flush out two five-gallon buckets of hot water from the tank, then check if there is still rust that comes out in the third bucket. If there is still corrosion from the third bucket, then the rust is coming from the water heater not the pipes.