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  • 6 Reasons to Choose Electric Water Heaters over Gas Water Heaters

    Choosing the best water heater for your needs is a smarter way to save energy since water heating accounts to 21 percent of the household energy use in Australia. It is important to select a water heater that is the right size for your needs to minimize energy costs. Suppliers or manufacturers of water heater may guide you in the selection process. There are two types of electric water heaters which include standard electric storage and electric instantaneous.Standard electric storage water heaters use a cheaper off-peak electricity tariffs while electric instantaneous water heaters have to be connected to the day-rate tariff.

    Although electric water heaters have higher running and maintenance costs when compared to their gas fueled counterparts, there are other reasons why you should choose electric.

    1. Installation Costs – A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing must be installed with a gas water heater to vent the exhaust. Electric water waters will only require the installation of a special outlet or bare wiring.
    2. Safety – The risks of electrocution from faulty wiring is much lesser than explosion from a gas leak. Gas explosions can also cause damage to your home or property.
    3. Space Requirements – Electric water heaters can be installed in confined spaces without fears of an explosion or gas buildup. Gas water heaters need more space for ventilation around all sides and top.
    4. Cost of Purchase – Electric water heaters are cheaper compared to gas water heaters of the same size.
    5. Installation of a Timer – You can have the option to install a timer unit on electric water heaters to cut off the power to the entire tank at times we determined.

    6. Life Expectancy – Electric water heaters can last longer than gas water heaters since they use a few number of components that are exposed to less direct heat.

    An emerging technology in electric hot water systems is now available in Australia, air-sourced heat pumps. Heat pump devices extract heat from the surrounding environment (air, water or ground) to heat water. They have a much higher efficiency rating with low running costs compared to conventional electric or gas water heaters.

    Despite the benefits of electric hot water systems, some Australian states and territories have agreed to phase out electric water heaters that produce high amounts of greenhouse gases. The agreement aims to reduce greenhouse emission and energy consumption. Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), greenhouse intensive electric hot water systems can no longer be installed on new buildings.