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  • A Basic Troubleshooting Guide for ‘No Hot Water’ Problems

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    A supply of hot water is essential among homeowners in Australia, especially during cold weather conditions. But what happens when if your hot water system is not working? In this situation, having basic knowledge about troubleshooting a hot water system would be helpful. Here, we will be discussing simple steps on how to address this type of plumbing issue.

      1. Restarting the Power source/Circuit Breaker – an electric water heater needs 240 volts of power to heat up water. Try to shut off the water heater in your house circuit breaker and then after a couple of seconds turn it back on. That will help reset the circuit breaker that is providing power to your electric water heater.

      2. Resetting the high temp limit switch – if the limit switch is not working it will cause for no hot water. You might need to reset it; it is located at the upper level of the thermostat. Switched off the circuit breaker and then remove the upper heating element cover to access the high temperature limit switch. Press the red button on the switch to reset it then re-install the cover. Switch back on the circuit breaker and check if the water heater is heating normally.

      3. Checking the power supply wiring – make sure that you have correctly switch off the correct circuit breaker for your water heater because if the power is still connected and you checked the power supply wiring it can cause shock or even kill you. Detach the cover to the junction box that houses the power supply wiring. Check for any loose wire and all the wires are tight enough to make secure connections, reconnect any loose wires and re-install the cover. Turn on the circuit breaker and check if the water heater is heating normally.

      4. Checking the heating system inside the water heater – for this troubleshooting step you need to have a multimeter to check the continuity which confirms that the power is making its way to all the internal components. Switch off the circuit breaker first and access again the power supply wiring then detach the wire nodes to access the water supply wires. Get your multimeter and set it up to meter ohms of resistance. Measure the resistance from the black wire to the black metal of the junction box and repeat the same test on the red wire. If you notice measured resistance rating during the test, then damaged wiring or broken electric part is touching the metal cabinet and causing the short circuit.

    Note: Do not restore power to the water heater until you find and repair the damaged wire or broken electrical part. A short circuit can shock you if you touch the metal cabinet with the power connected.

    Always remember that before you perform the different troubleshooting steps cited above, make sure to switch off your main circuit breaker for your water heater to avoid any electrical accidents while performing the steps.