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  • A Consumer Guide to Buying and Installing Hot Water Systems

    Is your hot water system not operating due to the same, unfixable problem you keep on encountering over and over again? Tired of wasting your effort, time and money for repair? Well, maybe it is time to buy a new one and replace that old, damaged hot water system for good. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a new hot water system. These include energy efficiency, the type, cost and availability of fuel, and most importantly, the type of hot water system you need in your household. Consider this guide to help narrow your search for a new hot water system.

    1. Consider the fuel types, costs and availability for your hot water system. Narrow your hot water system options by determining the type of fuel you need and whether it is readily available in your location. There are several fuel types for your hot water system including fuel oil, geothermal energy, natural gas, electricity, solar energy and propane.
    2. Determine what type of hot water system you need beforehand. It is important that you already know the type of hot water system you need before you head to the store. There are basically four different types of hot water systems available in Australia. These are storage heaters, heat-pump water heaters, solar-powered water heaters and instantaneous water heaters.
    3. Price of hot water systems and government rebates

    The prices of hot water systems will greatly depend on which type you plan to buy. If you are looking for government rebates and incentives for energy-efficient hot water systems, you can find them on the Australian government’s website Your Energy Savings.

    How to get a quote? 

    Retail suppliers will assess your home for around 30 minutes. These suppliers are able to quote for a wide range of hot water system models and types because they are usually affiliated with one or more brands. Ensure to get a quote from two or more suppliers. There are many questions a supplier will ask you including how much hot-clothes washing you do daily, the type of hot water system you previously had, and whether the gas is connected to your property. Also, there are some questions you need to ask to the supplier including whether the quote is inclusive of installation, how long it will take from order placement to completion, and whether they can assist you in terms of government rebates.

    Questions to ask the plumber before the installation of hot water systems 

    Make sure to ask some of the following questions to your plumber prior the installation of your hot water system

    1. Ask whether he is accredited to install your selected hot water system. Ensure that your plumber is experienced enough to install your chosen system and underwent training directly from the manufacturer.
    2. Ask if he is a licensed plumber. Hire a licensed plumber to install your system. Double check licensed trade professional on the license-checking website.
    3. Ask for installation costs. Never forget to obtain a quote before installation.

    It is crucial that you get a hot water system that fits your needs as well as your budget. Hope this guide will help you select one that will keep on running efficiently for years to come.