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  • Easy Ways to Repair a Gas Hot Water System

    Plumber Bondi Gas Water Heater

    If your gas water heating system fails to produce heat, provide enough hot water, or stay lit, the system definitely needs some repair. It would be best if you fix it yourself first before calling a professional plumber to save cash.

    Here are some of the major issues associated with gas hot water heater along with their solutions:

    Gas Water Heating System Does Not Heat

    When your gas heating system malfunctions and does not heat water, do the following measures:

    1. Make certain that the gas to your hot water heating system is open or tuned on. The gas control knob should be at PILOT position so that the burner will not ignite when you are looking inside. The metal cover found at the bottom of the water heating system must be removed and checked whether the burned and/or the pilot light are lit.

    2. Follow the instruction printed at the tank when the pilot light of the water heater has gone out so as to relight the tank. There would be a possibility for the gas inlet valve to be totally or partially closed. You have to turn the handle parallel to the line and then relight the pilot. The thermocouple may have some defect if the pilot fails to light. This then requires assistance from a hot water heater repair expert or a gas utility company representative. Take note that newer water heating systems may either have a spark ignitor or a glow plug rather than a pilot.

    3. Replace the cover of the burner if it is not turned on and see to it that the thermostat has a temperature of 120 degrees in Fahrenheit. You may turn the hot water faucet on if it does not have this temperature then wait for a few minutes to check if the water heater burner is igniting. Just leave the hot water running then lower and raise the temperature setting on dial until it ignites the burner.

    4. Replace the burner cover and set the thermostat back to the appropriate temperature when the burner ignites. Let an appliance repair person check the water heater if the burner does not ignite.

    5. Smell your heater for gas. Turn off the gas valve control if you smell a garlic-like odour. Relight the pilot light only when the gas smell has dissipated otherwise, quickly turn off the gas supply valve, have the area ventilated and contact a gas utility person or a plumber when the gas smell becomes strong and if it does not dissipate.

    Water Does Not Get Enough Heat

    When the heater fails to heat the water at certain temperature, follow these procedures:

    1. Turn the thermostat dial of the water heater to a hotter setting. Check the water temperature in one hour if the flame ignites when doing this. You may place a meat thermometer in one cup and run hot water from a faucet for one minute.

    2. Examine the pilot light if you cannot hear the ignition of the water heater burner. You may also keep the water get colder.

    No matter what problem you may have in your gas water heater, you will always have solutions to fix it.