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  • Essential Tips in Determining the Appropriate Time for Replacing a Hot Water System

    A hot water system is one of the most important plumbing fixtures both in commercial and residential properties, especially during the cold winter season. Just like the other appliances and gadgets that we own, water heaters will not last long and will need replacement in due time. Should you be unsure if it is already the right time to replace your water heater, then continue reading this blog post. In here, you will learn ways of troubleshooting the water heater and knowing when is the right time to replace the old water heater.

    Water heater gets tremendous workout in majority of homes. According manufacturers, the life span of water heater is between 8 to 12 years. However, it varies according to the design, quality of its installation, severity of your local weather as well as the maintenance level the unit receives. In case your unit is 10 years or older, then there is huge possibility that it will have defects or will not be performing its best. This is also the time that the water heater will experience leaks on its base or it will encounter diverse electrical-related issues like tripped breaker, blown fuse or shortage. For these reasons, property owners are advised to have their units inspected, checked, repaired and maintained regularly. How about you, is your water heater still functioning at its best? Have you noticed any problems on your unit?

    Questions to Ask When Considering Replacing Your Water Heater

      1. Does it take long to heat the water?
      2. Did you notice any signs of leaks under the water heater tank or on its pipes?
      3. Did you see damp areas under the water heater tank or the pipes?
      4. Did you notice frequent sediment build-up inside the heater?
      5. Does your heater frequently experience electrical shortage?

    In case you experience these situations frequently, then you better change your mind and decide to replace your unit with new one. Yes, it is true that your plumber can always repair these problems whenever you it arises but it is safer and more practical if you buy a newer, top-notch quality and more durable water heater, especially when the heater is already very old and you have used it for quite some time. Since you lack the expertise in choosing and buying the durable and good quality heaters, you can also ask the guidance and suggestions of your trusted plumber. These plumbing professionals know very well which designs, sizes and brands of water heaters are appropriate for your needs, budget and specifications.

    Aside from their valuable suggestions, your trusted plumber can also help you in removing the old unit and installing the brand new one according to the specifications set by the manufacturers. They have the skills, the expertise, the tools and the experience in installing and setting up various kinds of water heaters, either in commercial and residential spaces. Moreover, they also know where to properly dispose the defective water heater in compliance with the government’s disposal codes and rules.