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  • Simple Ways to Repair Your Electric Water Heater

    Electric water heaters are one of the most dependable and reliable appliances in our homes. It’s also one of the mostly costly component of the plumbing system. However, some of the water heater problems are easy to fix. Here, we will be discussing the common problems of an electric water heater and the ways to repair them. For safety purposes, it is important to shut off power to the electric water heater before initiating the repair process.

    No Hot Water

    If your system is not producing hot water, the heating element is probably not working. This problem has several causes including lack of power to the heating elements, faulty electric thermostat and faulty upper electric heating element.

    Possible repairs:

    • Ensure that adequate power is being provided to the thermostat of the electric water heater.
    • Replace any blown fuse.
    • Assess if the upper heating equipment is working properly.
    • Replace the thermostat or heating equipment if the electric heating element thermostat is adequately supplied with power.

    Inadequate Hot Water

    A water heater that is supplying inadequate hot water may be caused by high water heating demands, faulty plumbing installation leading to crossed cold and hot water connections or low heating element thermostat.

    Possible repairs:

    • Ensure that the capacity of the water heater meets the hot water demand.
    • Assess the hot water connections.
    • Check the electrical continuity at the heating elements.
    • Replace the thermostat of the upper or lower heating elements if found defective.

    Water Temperature Problems

    Changes in the thermostat usually causes problems in the temperature of the water, either too cold or too hot. The only solution is to lower or raise the heating element thermostat settings. Usually, the normal setting is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius.

    Water Leaks

    Water may leak the valves, connections or from the tank of the hot water system. It can be caused by several factors including a faulty temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve, a corroded water tank and loose bolts in the heating element.

    Possible repairs:

    • Clear the T&P valve from debris by flushing. Replace it if leaks remain after flushing.
    • Prevent the tank from overheating by reducing the thermostat setting.
    • Tighten the mounting bolts of the heating elements.
    • Replace the water heater if the tank is corroded.

    Noise Inside the Tank

    Overheating of the hot water storage tank may produce sounds of boiling water. A sediment build up may cause the tank to overheat. This problem can be repaired by flushing the water heater to remove any sediments.