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  • Steps in Choosing New Water Heaters

    The selection of new water heaters requires a lot of time and following certain guidelines. These guidelines are stated below and should be followed to avoid unnecessary costs and repairs.

    Water Heater Types
    One such guideline to follow when it comes to getting a new water heater is to have knowledge of the different kinds of water heaters first. This way, you can buy one that really fits your needs. The types of water heaters are:

    • Conventional water heaters – these offer users a ready reservoir of hot water
    • Tankless heaters – these produce hot water directly
    • Solar water heaters – make use of the heat of the sun to increase the water’s temperature
    • Heat pump heaters – moves heat from a certain place to another rather than directly generate it for providing warm or hot water
    • Indirect water heaters / tankless coil heaters – heats water using the heating system installed in a house

    Selection Criteria
    Next, consider these criteria when choosing the best model and type of water heater:

    Size. To provide the household with enough hot water as well as maximise its efficiency, make sure to get a water heater of the appropriate size.

    The type, cost, and availability of fuel. The type of energy source or fuel that you use to heat water not only affects the annual operation costs of the heater. It also affects its energy efficiency and size.

    Costs. Before acquiring a water heater, make sure of estimating its operating costs per year, and then comparing these costs with other models.

    Energy efficiency. In order to maximise cost and energy savings, it is a must to have knowledge of how energy efficient certain water heaters are before buying them.

    Aside from these, you should also everything to reduce your consumption of hot water. You might also wish to check out other money-saving strategies.

    Water Heater Options by Fuel Type
    The next step is considering the type of energy source or fuel that the heater will use. Their costs and availability are the most important factors to consider. The fuel that water heating systems use, energy efficiency, and size can affect yearly operation costs.

    Here are the different heater options by energy source:

    • Electricity
    • Petrol
    • Solar Energy
    • Geothermal energy
    • Propane
    • Natural Gas

    If several energy sources are available in your locality, it is advised that you compare their costs, especially if you are building a new house. The kind of heater that you choose can also affect how much you spend for heating water, and thus, you should also do a comparison of the different types of heaters. You can ask the professionals of https://www.plumberbondi.com.au for valuable advice on the water heater you should use at home.