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  • The Benefits of Using Condensing Boilers

    The demand for energy efficient water heaters continues to grow as water heating remains the second largest segment of the household energy use in Australia. Condensing boilers are fueled by gas or oil to heat water with an energy efficiency rating of more than 90 percent. They can also be used as a central heating system to warm your entire home during cold winter months. These systems have been successfully used in various countries, mainly in Europe, but it is beginning to be used more widely in Australia. Here, we will be discussing the benefits of using condensing boilers.


    Condensing boilers have high thermal efficiency which can significantly reduce your gas and electricity bills when compared to conventional heating systems. Since there is no Heating Boiler Efficiency Rating system in Australia, you can compare condensing boilers by referring to the Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK (Sedbuk) rating system used in Europe. The Sedbuk rating system is effective in measuring the efficiency of boilers.


    Using condensing boilers can help in alleviating the effects of global warming since they have low carbon emissions compared to conventional boilers. Sophisticated controls in modern boilers have the potential to reduce the emission of harmful nitrogen oxide gases as well.

    Comfort and Control

    Modern boilers combine accurate temperature control with high burner turndown allowing you full temperature control of the water as well as your home. Conventional boilers provide a modest burner turndown leading to poor temperature control at terminal units. Some boilers will use a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller to maintain water temperature. These systems are also capable of delivering hot water for homes with one to two bathrooms without compromise.

    Life Expectancy

    The heat exchangers of high-efficiency boilers have been built with high-quality materials allowing them to withstand years of condensing operating with no significant corrosion. The lifespan of a new condensing boiler is estimated to be 15 years.

    Running Costs

    Although the price of a condensing boiler is 30 percent to 50 percent higher compared to conventional boilers, these systems will reduce your water heating bills by as much as 17 percent. They are also built with simplified hydronic loops, thereby, reducing the maintenance costs.

    Space Requirements

    Allocating a space specifically for conventional boilers is a major challenge in building design. With condensing boilers, especially fully modulating units, they offer a variety of venting options. Modular boilers can be vented individually through a sidewall resulting to reduced project costs and more usable building space.