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  • Why You Should Consider Having Hybrid Water Heaters


    Water heaters have come a long way since its colossal units and standardised 24/7 heating cycle. In this modern age, new types of heating systems have sprung up ―— boasting their energy-efficiency and space-saving features. There are a number of water heaters which are technologically advanced that you can find in home depot stores nowadays; one of which is a hybrid water heater. For those of you who are planning to purchase a new heating system, you might want to consider having a hybrid water heater. Get more information of this high tech heating system below.

    It’s able to provide dependable water flow and hot water even if it’s energy-efficient
    New age high-tech water heaters may be advanced but these systems are far from perfect. Some types of energy-efficient heating systems often have problems when supplying hot water when multiple plumbing fixtures that need hot water are being used. Concurrent use of these plumbing appliances makes it difficult for the heating system, especially with tankless heating systems. Hybrid water heaters on the other hand are very unique and far more advance as it’s able to provide consistent hot water flow despite being energy-efficient. Furthermore, you will be able to use plumbing fixtures that use hot water at the same time ―— making it easier for you to have a consistent hot water supply.

    Safer than usage of natural gas

    There are some issues in using natural gas because of threats such as combustions and inhalation of toxins. Hybrid water heaters don’t use natural gas as it is powered by electricity ―— making it far safer than a number of water heaters that are powered by natural gas and other petroleum fuel sources. Electricity rates continue to go higher each year but with the use of energy-efficient hybrid water heaters and conservation of water usage; you will be able to lower your electric utility bills significantly.


    The use of natural gas and emission of greenhouse gases from water heaters are one of the contributors of global warming and destruction of the ozone layer. Hybrid heating systems still do emit greenhouse gases but it’s lesser than standard heating systems. The emissions are even considered to be negligible.

    Able to clean the machinery by itself and maintain energy efficiency

    Hybrid water heaters usually have a self-cleaning feature; requiring less upkeep from the homeowner. This feature is much needed since the heat of the air that surrounds the heating system is absorbed ―— making the system in use most of the time. Unlike some standard water heaters that need to be turned on 24/7 to have a constant hot water supply, hybrid water heaters effectively heat water without requiring to be turned on all the time. Of course, with the less usage of the water heater, the less energy is consumed. People often complain about the large storage tanks of hybrid heating systems which is true in the past but today; there are new hybrid water heaters that are half the size of its old counterpart.