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    Chatting With a Hot Water Plumber in Bondi

    If there’s one job that plumbers get called out to more than most, it has to be hot water plumbing jobs and emergencies in bondi . After all, without our hot water, most of us are well…at an absolute loss! You don’t realize just how important hot water is until you walk into your bathroom for that well-deserved shower, only to discover no hot water coming out of the tap.

    To find out more about what life is like as a hot water plumber, we caught up with Tim – a Bondi hot water heater plumber, who spends many days tending to the hot water needs of residents and business people in areas including Waverley, Bronte, Tamarama, Bondi Beach, North Bondi, Bondi Junction and the Eastern Suburbs.

    “Usually when the girls at our office get a call out to fix hot water in Bondi or its surrounds or tend to a hot water system somewhere in Bondi, the caller is usually keen for us to get out to them as soon as humanly possible,” said Tim. “Hot water is just one of those essential things we all need. Without it, we can’t shower, use our washing machines for hot washes, use our dishwashers, clean dishes- or have a bath.”

    Call outs for hot water system jobs and emergencies can concern solar hot water, hot water heaters, gas hot water and of course, standard electric hot water systems.

    “On one particular occasion, I received a call out to visit one family at Tamarama who urgently needed their hot water system repaired- and for good reason,” said Tim. “Mum had just come home from hospital for the first time with the new twins! With two new babies she definitely needed her hot water system functioning -not just to ensure her little ones were bathed, but to ensure she too could enjoy a well-deserved hot bath. Giving birth to twins certainly wouldn’t be an easy feat, so at the very least these guys needed their hot water system functioning at optimum level!”

    On that particular job, thishot water plumber Bondi was on site within half an hour of receiving the call out.

    “We usually strive to be on site within an hour of receiving the call for a plumbing emergency, and given the particular circumstances of this family and the fact that they had absolutely no hot water coming through their gas hot water system, we knew we had to make these guys a priority,” said Tim. “They were totally shocked when I knocked on their door just half an hour or so after receiving their call.”

    Going the extra mile with hot water service replacement in Bondi, Waverley, Tamarama, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, North Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs is really important to this particular Bondi hot water plumber because it goes a long way in guaranteeing repeat business.

    “Many of my customers for hot water system jobs in and around Bondi are actually repeat customers or they are people who have had a referral,” says James. “Many of my customers will tell their friends and family about my service, and that is better than any advertising for sure. Word of mouth referral – you can’t go wrong with that, be it for a hot water plumbing job or any plumbing repair or plumbing emergency job.”

    For a reliable, affordable and guaranteed hot water services Bondi, don’t waste another minute of your time! Pick up the phone and call us-the hot water service Bondi specialists! Call us on 0488 885 201

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