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    As much as having a landscaped garden with an abundance of trees can be lovely, the trees can also cause some problems. For one, roots of trees can grow to three times their height and damage sewage pipes around the house. Broken or damaged pipes call for immediate action because these can disrupt the flow of sewage water.

    Very common signs of broken pipes are gurgling sounds from your drains, release of foul odours around the house, an overflowing sewer gully and to some extent, backflow of sewage water. If you want eliminate these issues fast, try the latest pipe repair option available – pipe relining.

    Why pipe relining is a great option

    Pipe relining is a method where a newer pipe, smaller in diameter, is fitted to a pipe larger in diameter. This process allows pipe replacement without the hassles of excavation and replacement. It is becoming a popular choice among Australian homeowners when dealing with damaged sewer lines.

    Pipe relining lessens the need to dig excessively around a property. Since the old pipes will remain in place and will just be fitted with a smaller one, the cost is much less than traditional options. This process can be used for pipes with diameters as little as 40mm up to 600mm.

    The pipe relining process explained

    The process of pipe relining includes a number of different steps:

    Partial pipe cleaning. The first step is partially cleaning the pipes via water jetting. This will facilitate an easier execution of the second step.

    CCTV pipe inspection. The next step is a video inspection which is needed to assess the extent and location of the sewer pipe damage.

    Pipe cleaning. After the CCTV inspection, the pipe will be thoroughly cleaned to prepare it for the insertion of the pipe liner.

    Lining the pipe. Next, the damaged sewer line is inserted with a pipe liner. A cloth tube or fibreglass tube is used for this. The pipe liner is dragged and then it is inflated to cover and stick to the old pipes.

    Curing the liner. The resin is allowed to cure for some time so it will bond well. Steam is used to enhance the curing time.

    Final video inspection. Finally, a video re-inspection is conducted for quality control.

    Why pipe relining is the best pipe repair choice

    Pipe relining is gaining popularity as a sewage repair option in Australia because of the following advantages:

    Convenience- Pipe relining provides an easier way to fix sewage problems due to cracks or root damage. Gone are the days of having to destroy a landscaped property just to get the job done. Now, pipes can be repaired with very minimal hassle.

    Less costly- Since digging, purchase of new pipes and a complete overhaul are no longer necessary, homeowners save money.

    Time-saving- Pipe relining is also faster compared to the traditional methods. The whole process can be completed in as fast as 30 minutes under ideal conditions. It saves homeowners the waiting time to get their sewage pipes working again.

    Double pipe protection- Tree and plant roots do not damage the whole system, so there are parts that work perfectly fine. Pipe relining gives dual protection to the system minimising the intrusion of roots and extending the time needed for the next repair.

    If your pipes need replacement, consider the new system of pipe relining. Give us a call now on 0488 885 201 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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